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  1. MR. ALEXANDER DUNBAR, A.M., [7th of Weathersta] son of James Dunbar of Churchill, a second son of Dunbar of Grange, was ordained minister of the parish of Inveravon in Banffshire in 1665. In 1668 he was translated to Delting, and continued minister of that parish until March 1706, when he demitted his charge on account of infirmity. For thirteen years he was moderator of the Presbytery. He died on 10th September 1708, aged 85, and was buried in the Old Church of Olnafirth, where a monument to the family still exists, bearing the following coat of arms, which it is unnecessary to say is not registered in the Books of the Lyon King of Arms, viz.:- Three cushions tasselled, and in chief a man's head with a wig, for Dunbar, impaling argent a lion rampant sable, armed and langued gules, being the arms of Mouat of Balquhollie, to which family his wife belonged. He mortified 200 merks on 26th May 1707, for the poor of the parish. From the Gifford family he purchased the lands of Weathersta. He married Mary Mouat and had issue:
  2. JAMES DUNBAR of Weathersta [8th of Weathersta], excambed his lands of Weathersta with Thomas Gifford of Busta, for those of Hardwell. He also mortified the sum of 100 merks for the poor in 1707. He married (first) Marable or Margaret Mood of Ollaberry, and had issue:
    1. Alexander, his heir
    2. James Ludovic, merchant in Cuppister, also designed wright in Scatsta, married (first) Agnes Hendry, and (second) 21st January 1762, Catherine Cogill
    3. Margaret, married John Henry of Foratwatt
    He married (second) Barbara, daughter of George Spence of Midbrake, and had issue:
    1. Mary, heiress of Midbrake, married 20th January 1745, Thomas Irvine, and had issue: (see Spence of Midbrake)
  3. ALEXANDER DUNBAR of Hardwell, bailie of Nesting, is said to have married Margaret Hawick of the Scatsta family
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