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SCOTT OF VOESGARTH in the Parish of Unst

  1. JAMES SCOTT, said to be a son of Sir James Scott of Harden, in Roxburghshire, came to Shetland in 1630, and was Chamberlain for the Crown in these Islands. He is a witness to a charter by Nicoll Rattray, in Collasetter, of the lands of Garth, to Patrick Cheyne of Vaila, on 17th June 1637. He acquired the lands of Voesgarth from James Strang, about 1640, and married (first) 1639, Agnes, daughter of Thomas Black of Strom, and had issue:
    1. James, his heir
    2. Jean, married John Richardson, a shipmaster
    He married (second) Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Bruce of Muness, and widow of Andrew Pitcairn of Scarpoe, and had issue:
    1. Andrew
    2. Elizabeth, married January 1657, Ninian Henderson of Gardie
  2. JAMES SCOTT of Voesgarth, born 3rd May 1642, is a witness to an assignation of a right of reversion by Patrick Cheyne of Vaila, to James Mitchell of Girlesta, on 16th July 1697. He died 11th September 1695, having married in 1655, Janet, daughter of Andrew Pitcairn of Scarpoe, and had issue:
    1. James, his heir
    2. John of Scarpoe, aftermentioned (own chapter)
    3. Andrew
    4. Elizabeth, married Gilbert Henderson of Midgarth
  3. JAMES SCOTT of Voesgarth, a commissioner of Supply for Zetland in 1696, and 1704, was unfortunately drowned along with his eldest surviving son, on 15th November 1716. He married (first) Katherine, eldest daughter of John Ross of Uyea Sound, and had issue:
    1. John, died young
    2. Janet, who married (first) Rev. John Catanach, minister of Unst, 1698 to his death in May 1717; and (second) John Henderson of Midgarth
    3. Barsheba, married James Scott of Scarpoe
    4. Margaret, married John Ross of Lund
    He married (second) Katherine, daughter of Gilbert Neven of Scousburgh, and had issue:
    1. James, died young
    2. John, aftermentioned
    3. Andrew of Greenwall, aftermentioned (own chapter)
    4. Gilbert, died without issue
    5. Katherine, married in 1708, James Ogilvy of Stove
    6. Elizabeth
    7. Jean
  4. JOHN SCOTT, fiar of Voesgarth, was drowned along with his father on 15th November 1716. He married 1701, Ursula, daughter and co-heiress of Gilbert Bruce of Muness, and had issue:
    1. James, his heir
    2. Gilbert Basil, aftermentioned (No.VI)
    3. Charles, aftermentioned (No.VII)
    4. John, died without issue
    5. Elizabeth, married in 1721, Andrew Bruce of Mursetter
    6. Katherine, married Magnus Henderson of Buness
    7. Margaret, married William Spence of Hammer
  5. JAMES SCOTT of Voesgarth, died in 1727, having married Margaret, daughter of George Cheyne of Esslemont, but had no issue. He was succeeded by his brother,
  6. GILBERT BASIL SCOTT of Voesgarth died in 1734, married 23rd December 1729, Margaret, daughter of Sir John Mitchell of Westshore, Bart., and had issue a daughter Margaret, born in 1732, and died in infancy. He was succeeded by his brother,
  7. CHARLES SCOTT of Voesgarth, born 1708, died 1758, having married in 1740, Margaret Bathsheba, daughter of John Scott of Scarpoe, and had issue:
    1. James
    2. John, his heir
    3. Gilbert, aftermentioned (No.XI)
    4. Andrew, died without issue
    5. Barbara, married in 1783, John Scott of Greenwall
    6. Bruce, married in 1784, Magnus Robertson of Gravaland and Gutcher
    7. Charlotte
  8. JOHN SCOTT of Voesgarth, born 1741, died unmarried in 1760, succeeded by his brother,
  9. GILBERT BASIL SCOTT of Voesgarth, born 1744, served heir to his uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather, on 24th September 1767, and died in 1786, having married 19th July 1773, Janet, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Sanderson of Buness
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