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  1. Andrew Bruce of Scolland, married Katherine, daughter of Erasmus Nicolson of Houll, and had issue:
    1. Katherine, married John Johnston
    2. William
    3. Janet
  2. Helen Bruce, born 11th September 1763, married 23rd April 1789, John Smith who was born 11th September 1763 and died 16th November 1836, leaving issue:
    1. James, see No III
    2. John, born 3rd May 1793
    3. Andrew born 10th July 1796
    4. Catherine, born 13 April 1799, married Jerome Morrison
    5. Arthur, born 3rd September 1802
    6. Charlotte, born 22nd Oct 1805
  3. James Smith, writer, Edinburgh, born 11th July 1790, died 6th January 1866, having married 27th November 1812, Catherine, daughter of Lieutenant Mackenzie and had issue:
    1. John, born 2nd December 1813, married Catherine Fraser, but had no issue
    2. Archibald, see no IV
    3. Janet, born 23rd June 1816, died July 1883, unmarried
    4. James, born 22nd July 1818, died 22nd November 1820.
    5. William, born 3rd July 1819, ordained Catholic Priest 1843, appointed Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh 28th October 1885, died 16th March 1892.
    6. James, born 11th December 1820, married 2nd February 1876 Margaret, second daughter of the Chevalier Steinmetz and had issue
      1. Alistair Francis born 1st July 1877
      2. Gerard Archibald born 21st September 1878
      3. Pauline Mary Catherine born 19th October 1880
      4. Alfred Benedict born 28th December 1881
      5. Philomena Mary Clare born 7th January 1884
    7. Andrew, a priest, born 26th August 1822, died 1st March 1877
  4. Archibald Vincent Smith Sligo of Inzievar, Fifeshire, born 17th January 1815, died 1891 having married (first) 1846 Emily Jane, daughter of Robert Foley of Haverfordwest who died 1835 and (second) 25th January 1859 Margaret, daughter of George Sligo of Seacliffe, East Lothian and widow of Sir William Cornwallis Harris, knight, and assumed name of Sligo. He died 1877 leaving issue
    1. Archibald, see no V
    2. Ronald born 18th December 1861, died 7th November 1884 unmarried
  5. Archibald Dominick Smith Sligo of Inzievar, born 1st May 1860, admitted advocate 7th November 1890, married 17th November 1886, Ella, yougest daughter of George Charles Fletcher of Lanerigg, Grasmere and has issue
    1. Archibald George born 14th September 1887
    2. Ronald born 22nd August 1889
    3. Robert born 2nd May 1891, died 8th September 1891
    4. Mary Lucy, born 7th September 1892
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