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BRUCE OF BURRAVOE in the parish of YELL

  1. ROBERT BRUCE of Burravoe, born 11th October 1804, was the son of Robert Bruce of Symbister, and died 30th August 1852. He married (first), 18th March 1825, Mary, youngest daughter of the Rev. David Young, minister of Foulden, Berwickshire, and had issue:
    1. Robert, his heir.
    2. Laurence, died without issue.
    3. David, born 19th October 1829, died without issue.
    4. John, born 15th November 1832, died without issue.
    5. William, born 23rd March 1834, in Australia, has issue: Robert, William, Ernest, and Maud.
    6. Mary, married 1852, Scott Anderson, merchant, Liverpool, and had issue: Robert, Scott William, Wilfred Lawson, Harry, John, Mary, Jean, Nancy, Katherine, and Ellen.
    7. Jane, born 27th February 1826, died 21st October 1895, married 1855, Thomas Hay, and had issue: Thomas and Katherine.
    8. Katherine, died without issue.
    He married (second), 16th July 1847, Janet, daughter of John Williamson, and had issue:
    1. Samuel, born January 1848, died at Bendigo, 4th June 1897, married Elizabeth Annie Clerk, and had issue: Andrina, Robert, Samuel, Bessie, Janet, and Annie.
    2. Andrina, born 10th January 1850, married 11th June 1874, John Harrison of Windhouse, born 21st June 1836, son of Gilbert Harrison of Hildasay (born 20th July 1798, died 3rd August 1882), and Margaret Mouat his spouse, (born 25th December 1810, died 24th March 1860), and has issue:
      1. Thomas Richmond, born 12th April 1875 ;
      2. Robert Bruce, born 15th August 1877 ;
      3. Gilbert William Bruce Rendall, born 10th July 1879 ;
      4. Helen Johanna Bruce Richmond, born 16th November 1880 ;
      5. John Ross, born 18th November 1883.
  2. ROBERT BRUCE of Burravoe [2nd of Burravoe], born 17th October 1827, died at Symbister, 17th August 1865, having married Wilhelmina, daughter of William Inkster, merchant, Liverpool, and had issue:
    1. Robert, in Australia.
    2. William, died young.
    3. William Alfred.
    4. Ursilla Katherine.
    5. David.
    6. Mary Margaret Robina, died young
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