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HENDERSON OF PETTISTER in the Parish of Unst

  1. JOHN HENDERSON of Pettister was the third son of Magnus Henderson of Buness, and married Elizabeth, daughter of John Spence of Gardie. He was drowned with several of his sons while boarding a Dutch East Indiaman off Burrafirth, Unst. He had issue:
  2. GEORGE HENDERSON of Pettister, married Jane, daughter of William Henderson of Colvister, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. Thomas, baptised 29th August 1776
    3. Margaret
  3. WILLIAM HENDERSON of Pettister, married 10th April 1796, his cousin Andrina, daughter of Gilbert Henderson of Bardister, and had issue:
    1. George, his heir
    2. Anne, died in infancy
    3. Gilbert, died in Thebes, Upper Egypt
    4. William
    5. Robert Robertson, Lieutenant Canadian Militia, afterwards merchant, Liverpool, died there 14th March 1869
    6. James Cheyne of Bardister, died 25th October 1878, married Margaret, daughter of Gideon Henderson of Papa, and had a daughter Margaret
    7. William John of Gloup, died there 7th January 1885, purchased Gloup from John Charles Henderson, married Mary Maclean and had issue: Mary, now of Gloup, who married Lieutenant Robert P G Simpson, R.N.
    8. Magnus, died young
  4. GEORGE HENDERSON of Pettister and Brough, born 31st January 1797, died 8th April 1891, married 31st December 1824, Barbara, daughter of Henry Ross, writer, Lerwick, and had issue:
    1. Janet, born 31st December 1825, married Rev. Oliver Forbes, and had issue: William, Barbara, and Emily Henderson
    2. William of Brough, born 28th August 1827
    3. Henry George, born 28th August 1829, died in Holland, Canada, January 1892
    4. Andrina, born 29th May 1833, married Arthur Bain, Edinburgh, and has issue Arthur and George
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