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HENDERSON OF BUNESS in the Parish of Unst

  1. WILLIAM MAGNUSSON OR HENDERSON of Buness and Gardie, appears as a witness to a Contract of Excambion between Laurence Bruce of Cultmalindie and Peter Nisbet of Kirkabister, on 20th March 1598. He claimed to be descended from Hendrich Hendrichson, Great Foude, Lawman, and Chancellor of Zetland, whose commission, granted by King Christian I, of Denmark in the year 1450, and written in the Danish language, is said to have been in the possession of the last Henderson of Gardie, and to have been presented by Thomas Mouat of Garth, along with all the old papers of the family, in 1792 to a Swedish Knight. He was father of
  2. NINIAN HENDERSON of Buness and Gardie, who abolished the use of patronymics in the family, and died in 1616, having married Janet, daughter of James Crichton, and had issue:
    1. Magnus, his heir
    2. Ursilla, married Alexander Scott of Reafirth
  3. MAGNUS HENDERSON of Buness, died in 1625. He married Margaret, daughter of Arthur Sinclair of Houss, and had issue:
    1. Ninian, who succeeded to Buness
    2. James of Gardie, aftermentioned (see own Chapter)
    3. John of Pettister, aftermentioned (see own Chapter)
    4. Gilbert of Midgarth, aftermentioned (see own Chapter)
    5. David of Gloup, aftermentioned (see own Chapter)
    6. Grizel, married Charles Leask
  4. NINIAN HENDERSON of Buness, Unst, was the father of
  5. MAGNUS HENDERSON of Buness, married Katherine, daughter of John Scott, fiar of Voesgarth, and had issue:
    1. Ursula, his heir
    2. Janet
  6. URSULA HENDERSON of Buness, daughter of Magnus Henderson, and wife of Thomas Sanderson, was siesed with her husband in the lands of Buness, in 1761. They had issue:
    1. Charles, who predeceased his father, unmarried
    2. Janet, married her cousin, Gilbert Basil Scott of Voesgarth, to whom she would have succeeded in these lands, had she not predeceased him without issue
    3. Barbara, married her cousin, James Archibald, and had three daughters who died unmarried
    4. Mary, married 1st February 1775, Laurence Edmondston, surgeon in Lerwick, and had issue
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