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William H. Sinclair. Port Dufferin, Halifax Co. One copy.
James D. Sinclair, Goshen, Guysborough Co. One copy
Simon Sinclair. Goshen. One copy
Hugh K.Sinclair. Yakima, Arizona. One copy
Henry Sinclair, Ridgely, Maryland. One copy
John George Sinclair, Country Harbour, Guysborough. Three copies.
Wm. H. H. Sinclair, Country Harbour, Guysborough. One copy.
Mary C. Sinclair, Country Harbour, Guysborough. One copy
Mrs. W. M. Swasey, 45 Leach St., Salem. One copy
Mrs. A. W. Reid, Port Hillford, Guysborough. One copy
Mrs J. A. Jordain, Aspen, St. Mary's. One copy
John D. Cameron, South Lochaber. One copy
Alexander Sinclair. Goshen. Two copies.
Daniel Sinclair, North Yakima. Two copies
John H. Sinclair, New Glasgow. Three copies
Mrs. C. F. Bishop, 3,61 Yamhill St., Portland, Oregon. One copy
Mrs. Joseph Cowgill. North Manchester, Indian 1. One copy.
William Murray, Fairview, Halifax Co. Two copies.
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hiuds, Stormont, Guysborough Co. One copy
Alex. C. Sutherland, Eight Island Lake, Guysborough Co. One copy
John Og Sinclair, Breekrow Farm, Goshen. One copy
James A. Sinclair, Goshen, One copy
John R. Sinclair, E. 7 Baldwin Aw, Spokane, Washington. One copy
George W. Sinclair, 7 Codman Hill St. Roxbury, Mass. One copy
Mrs. S. G. Campbell, 225 Dwight St., Holyoke, Mass. One copy
Mrs. John Young, Easton, Mass. One copy
Mrs. D. C. Nicholson, 7 Codman Hill St.. Roxbury, Mass. One copy
Margaret I. Sinclair. 745 Mass Aw. Roston. One copy
George Sinclair. North Lochaber, Antigonish Co. Four copies.
William J. Polson, Altamore, Antigonish Co. One copy
Gordon Polson, 231 DwightSt, Holyoke, Mass. One copy
Mrs. C. Whalen, 1 Hadpen Terrace, Roxbury. One copy
William Sinclair, Goshen. One copy
Andrew Sinclair, South River Lake. One copy
James M. Sinclair, Goshen. One copy
Robert B. Sinclair, Stony Mountain, Manitoba. One copy
George Sinclair, Malpeque, P.E.I. One copy
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