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Marriages and Baptisms

Robert Sutherland in Upper Downreay and Janet Sinclair in Isauld contracted for marriage 10 September 1785;
George Sinclair in Shurery and Margaret Campbell in Brubster, 11 January 1788;
John Sinclair in Shurery and Janet Gunn in Dalnacletan, 29 December 1788;
John Mackay in Shurery and Janet Sinclair in Shurery, 2 December 1798; and
William Gunn in Corrish, Kildonan, and Catherine Sinclair in Shurery, 20 December 1799.
Catherine Sinclair was a daughter of Neil Sinclair. She was born in 1775 and died in 1861.

As a general rule the marriage took place about four weeks after the contract.

Alexander Sinclair in Brawlbin, or Braalbin, entered into a contract of marriage with Christy Sutherland in Dargary, Thurso, 18 July 1762. He had John baptized in 1763; Barbara in 1764: and William in 1766. He had George baptized 17 June 1767.

On the same day Francis Sinclair in Lambsdale had Alexander baptized; and G. Mackay in Fresgo had Jean baptized.

John Sinclair in Brawlbin had George baptized in 1776.
George Sinclair in Brawlbin had George baptized in 1770.

John Sinclair in Brawlbin married Christy Campbell. He had Barbara baptized in 1784 and Betty in 17S6.
George Sinclair in Brawlbin married Christy Cormack in Brubster, 28 December 1795.

The Sinclairs of Brawlbin seem to have been closely related to the Sinclairs of Shurery.

Donald Sinclair in Reay and Ann Mackay in Achremie contracted for marriage 17 June 1748; James McKay, cooper, and Janet Sinclair in Golval, 11 June 1798;

William Sinclair, in Clayock, Bower, and Ann Macdonald in Korkal, Strath-Halladale, 19 August 1798. William Sinclair settled in Korkal. He had George baptized in 1792 and Neil in 1794.

William Sinclair in Stemster belonged to the Murkle branch of the Sinclairs.
He was born about 1707. He was known as Uilleam Mor, or Big William, and was in the latter part of his life an elder under the Rev. Mr. Pope. He contracted for marriage with Elizabeth Miller in Forss 8 November 1729, William Sutherland in Knockglass, near Baillie, and Donald Miller in Forss, being cautioners, the latter for the woman.

James Sinclair in Stemster, William's son, had John baptized in 1754 and William in 1756.
John Sinclair in Stemster had William baptized 21 March 1755.
William Sinclair in Stemster had John baptized 2 March 1756.

James Sinclair in Isauld had William baptized 11 March 1769.
On the same day Donald Sinclair in Golval had John baptized, and John Sinclair in Crockurray had a daughter baptized.


There seems to be a tendency at the present day to ignore old family names, and also to burden children with more names than they can easily bear.

To discard an old name, simply because it is old and not because it has an undesirable meaning, cannot be regarded either as a sign of superior intelligence or of due respect for our ancestors.

It may perhaps be useful in some instances to have two Christian names as marks of distinction from other persons; at the same time we should not forget that William Wallace, Robert Bruce, Martin Luther, John Knox, Oliver Cromwell, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Arthur Wellesley, Thomas Chalmers, Walter Scott and Abraham Lincoln got along very well with only one Christian name. [Note - or only chose to use one of their names].

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