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2. George, second son of John Sinclair, settled at Lochaber, Antigonish County, in January 1863. He married, 20 December 1865, Maria, daughter of John Inglis in Lochaber and his wife Cecilia Maclachlan, and had by her eight children:

  1. Mary Alice, born 15 December 1866, was married in 1898 to Thomas Keizer at Wine Harbour, Guysborough County, and had two children
  2. Cecilia, 11 December 1868, was for some time a missionary teacher in Trinidad. She was married, 14 November 1900, to Capt. Edward King Perry, of Glasgow, Scotland.
  3. John Franklin, 31 October 1870
  4. Elizabeth Emma, 14 April 1874
  5. Maria 9 June 1876, died 19 June 1876
  6. George Herman, 22 May 1877, died 26 May 1879
  7. Alexander Maclean, 3 June 1880, lives in Bisbee, Arizona [1901]
  8. Frances Roberta, 19 July 1883

John Franklin lives in Bisbee, Arizona.

He married Grace Isabel, daughter of Robert Stewart, Lochaber, and his wife, Christy Stewart. He has one child,

  1. Roberta Sweet, born 12 August 1898.

3. Alexander Maclean, third son of John Sinclair, was educated at the common school, Beaver Meadow, the Pictou Academy, the Free Church College, Halifax, the Normal School, Truro, and the Presbyterian Seminary, Truro.

He entered the Theological Hall of the Presbyterian Church, Halifax, in 1863, and in the same year attended the Chemistry and Political Economy classes in Dalhousie College and University, which had then been just opened.

He completed his course in theology in April 1866. He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Pictou, 2 May 1866. He was ordained, and inducted into the pastoral charge of the congregation of Springville and Sunny brae, East River, Pictou, 25 July 1866. He was inducted into the pastoral charge of the united congregation of East River, Pictou, 10 November 1875. He was translated to Belfast, Prince Edward Island, 16 May 1888.

He published "The Anglo-Israel Folly" in 1880; "Clarsach na Coille" in 1881; "Gaelic Hymns by John Maclean and others" in 1881; "The Glenbard Collection of Gaelic Poetry" in 1890; "The Gaelic Bards" in three volumes, in 1890-1896; "The Peoples and Languages of the World" in 1894; "John Lom's Poems" in 1895; "The Maclean Bards" in two volumes, in 1898-1900; "The Clan Gillean, or History of the Macleans" in 1899; "Mactalla nan Tur" in 1901, and "Filidh na Coille" in 1901.

He married, 1 August 1882, Mary Ann, only daughter of John Macrae Campbell, East River, Pictou, and his wife, Margaret Ann Fraser, and has by her five children:

  1. Charles Maclean, born 26 November 1885
  2. John Maclean, 9 April 1888
  3. Christy, 30 May 1891
  4. George Maclean, 16 August 1895
  5. Donald Maclean, 16 April 1899
Charles and John were born at Springville, Pictou County. Christy, George and Donald were born in the Manse, Belfast.

Mrs. Sinclair was born 25 February 1861.

John Maclean, the poet, was born in Tiree, Argyleshire, 8 January 1787. He was fourteenth in descent from Lachlan Bronnach Maclean, Lord of Duart and chief of the Macleans. He married, 19 July 1808, Isabel, daughter of Duncan Black and his wife, Elizabeth Mackenzie, with issue: Christy, Charles, Archibald, John, Allan and Elizabeth He published his poems in 1818, and came to Nova Scotia in 1819.

Christy, the eldest of his children, was born 25 December 1809, and baptized 26 Dec. Charles was born 7 July 1813, and baptized 13 July, Archibald was born 11 May 1815, and baptized May 13th.

These dates show quite clearly that as a general rule children were baptized in Scotland a few days after their birth. [Note - this does not indicate "a general rule" at all !].

4. Janet, only daughter of John Sinclair, was married in March 1853, to Robert Polson, Altamore, South River, Antigonish, and had by him eleven children:

  1. Mary,the eldest daughter, was married to William Sinclair
  2. Margaret Isabel was married to Owen Sheffield
  3. Elizabeth Ellen, died in 1868
  4. William James was born 7 August 1860. He married Catherine, daughter of Daniel Goodwill, by whom he has one son and five daughters.
  5. Janet was married to Alexander Cameron
  6. Catherine was married to Charles Whalen
  7. Nellie was married to Peter Cousins
  8. Ann died in Boston, 3 August 1898
  9. Maria died 1 April 1900
  10. Grace lives in Boston [in 1901]
  11. Gordon Alexander Robert, was born 18 June 1877. He lives in Holyoke, Massachusetts [in 1901]
He died 1 August 1878. His wife died 5 June 1896.

William Polson was born in Caithness in 1788. He married Elizabeth Sutherland about 1804, and had by her Ellen, William, John, Margaret, Alexander, Peter, Robert, Hugh, James, and Eliza. He came to Nova Scotia in August 1820, and settled at Altamore, or Big Brook, in the county of Antigonish. He died 15 December 1848.

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