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John Sinclair in Breckrow, Strath-Halladale, was born in 1756. He was about five years in the army, probably in the 1st Sutherland Fencible Regiment, which was embodied in February 1799 and disbanded in 1783. He married in 1787 Janet, eldest daughter of William Sinclair in Shurery, and had by her five children:

  1. William, baptized 21 May 1792
  2. Catherine, 20 January 1795, was married to James Murray in Brubster, and had six children: Janet, Alexander, Johan, Catherine, Christy and Donald. We called to see her 18 August 1869. She died 3 January 1893, aged ninety-eight.
  3. John, 20 May 1797
  4. Christy, 14 November 1799, came to Nova Scotia in the ship Osprey in 1840. She died in Goshen, in her brother William's house, 14 June 1873.
  5. George, who was born in 1801
He was 76 years of age at the time of his death.

I. William, eldest son of John Sinclair in Breckrow, came to Nova Scotia in 1843. He taught school for several years. He purchased a lot of woodland in Goshen and settled on it. He died 14 February 1880. He was never married. He left his farm to his nephew, Andrew Sinclair.

II. John, second son of John Sinclair in Breckrow, came to Nova Scotia in 1831 on the ship "Industry", which belonged to Dundee and was commanded by Capt. Carr. Along with him came Neil Gunn in St. Mary's and Donald Gunn in Country Harbour. The Industry sailed from Cromarty, 6 July 1831, and arrived in Pictou on Sabbath morning, 9 October. It had thus a passage of three months and three days. But then it was better to be tossed about on the deep blue sea for three years and three days than to live under a landlord and feel like a voluntary slave.

John Sinclair and Neil Gunn left the vessel on Monday morning, 10 October, and went to the Three Mile House, where they stayed during the night with John Henderson. On Tuesday night they stayed at John MacRae's, Maclennan's Mountain, and on Wednesday night with John Forbes, Pensioner, at Blue Mountain. On Thursday night they were at Alexander Sutherland's, East River, St. Mary's. Neil Gunn remained at the East River.

John Sinclair went on to the Backlands, where his maternal uncle, Alexander Sinclair, was living. He took up a woodland lot there, and settled on it. He had only seven pence half-penny in his pocket: but he was a free man, he had health and strength, and he knew how to work. As he was a new comer and as there were two Sinclairs of the same name before him, he came to be known as Iain Ur, or New John.

John Sinclair married first, early in 1833, Mary, daughter of John Inglis in Lochaber and his wife Maria Lambert, and had by her three children, Janet, John and George. His wife died of measles 29 December 1857, in the 22nd year of her age.

He married, secondly, in the spring of 1839, Christy, daughter of John Maclean, the poet, in Glenbard, Antigonish County, and had by her one child, Alexander Maclean, who was born in Glenbard, at the home of his maternal grandfather.

  1. Janet was born 1 December 1833
  2. John 11 August 1835
  3. George in September 1837
  4. Alexander Maclean was born 1 March 1840
John Sinclair died 27 June 1875 aged seventy-eight years. His second wife died 7 March 1887. He was succeeded on his farm by his eldest son, Iain Og, or Young John as he was commonly called.

Neil Gunn, son of William Gunn and his wife Catherine Sinclair, was born at Achins in the parish of Reay, Caithness, in 1806.Shortly after his birth his parents removed to the parish of Halkirk. He died in 1886.

John, eldest son of John Sinclair, married 6 July 1859, Isabel, daughter of James Ban Stewart, Lochaber, by his wife Janet Stewart, and had by her nine children:

  1. James Alexander, born 6 April 1860
  2. Mary Jane, September 1861
  3. John Robert, 20 March 1863
  4. Janet Helen, 7 February 1865, was married 3 January 1899, to John Young. She lives at Easton, Massachusetts
  5. Christy Catherine, 12 December 1866, was married, 20 September 1899, to Daniel Charles Nicholson. She lives in Roxbury, Massachusetts
  6. Margaret Isabel (Maggie), 13 December 1868 lives in Boston, Massachusetts [1901]
  7. Gracie Ann, 4 September 1871, died 24 February 1880
  8. George William, 17 February 1874, lives at Roxbury, Massachusetts [1901]
  9. Peter Stirling, 23 January 1877, killed by the falling of a tree, 19 June 1899, in Nicaragua, Central America
Author's Addition (2nd Edition 1902):
Mrs. Nicholson has one child, William Stirling, born 18 February 1902.

James lives with his father on the old homestead. He married, 22 November 1893, Isabel Jane, daughter of Peter Mackintosh, Argyll, by his wife, Diana Grace Smith. He has two children: John Roy, born 15 April 1897, and Peter Stirling, born 14 October 1899.

John is a conductor on a passenger train and has his home in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. He married 22 July 1896, Alice L. Roberts, by whom he had two children:

  1. Harry John, born 11 July 1897, died 18 January 1898
  2. Frank Robert, 18 June 1899
Mary was married 7 June 1893, to Stewart I. Campbell, and has one child,
  1. John Ellsworth, born 4 February 1895
She lives in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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