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The estate of Strath is in the parish of Watten.

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Before 1649 part of the lands of Strath of Bylbster was feued to the heirs of Marcus Calder.

In 1651 Alexander Calder of Strath married Margaret, daughter of Donald Budge of Toftingall; and in 1665 the Earl of Caithness gave a feu-charter of the whole lands to him and his wife.

In 1680, they, with consent of their son, Alexander, disponed Strath to Alexander Calder of Achingale.

I. In 1692, John Calder, brother-german of Achingale, and his son, Donald, got a disposition of Strath. John married Margaret Calder, and had issue: -

  1. Donald
  1. A daughter who, in 1718, was wife of James Innes in Thrumster, grandfather of the late Major James Innes of Thrumster
II. DONALD OR DANIEL CALDER OF STRATH married Elizabeth, daughter of David Sutherland of Ausdale, and great-granddaughter of William Sutherland of Langwell. He had two sons and three daughters: -
  1. James, Collector of Excise, Thurso
  2. Patrick, Captain in the 64th Regiment of Foot, who died unmarried in 1807
  1. Janet, who married Mr. Murray
  2. Margaret, who married Alexander Calder
  3. Emily, who died unmarried
III. COLLECTOR JAMES CALDER OF STRATH had a son and a daughter: -
  1. David
  1. Jean, who married Captain George Swanson, Gerston
IV. DAVID CALDER OF STRATH AND PENNYLAND sold Strath in 1801 to William Stewart in Downreay, father of the late General Stewart, and Pennyland he sold to Mr. Sinclair of Freswick.

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