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The estate of Achingale is in the parish of Watten.
In 2002 it was owned by Elizabeth Swanson.

There is little doubt that the Calders of Achingale and Newton were nearly allied to the Lynegar and Strath family of the same name.

In 1577 Achingale was occupied by Robert Caldell, and from that date down to 1763 the Calders are found as tenants, wadsetters, or feuars of Achingale, Newton, and Banks of Scouthel. In 1629 Donald Calder of Newton obtained a feu-charter of these lands from the Earl of Caithness; in 1639 he and his wife, Isabel Murray, obtained a tack of Achingale from John, Master of Berriedale; and in 1665 Alexander Calder, then of Achingale, obtained a wadset of the feu-duties payable under the charter of 1629, and of the tack of 1639.

I. ALEXANDER CALDER OF ACHINGALE AND NEWTON died about 1678, and had three sons: -

  1. Alexander, his successor
  2. Lieutenant Donald Calder of Newton
  3. John of Strath
II. ALEXANDER CALDER OF ACHINGALE married Anne, daughter of William Sutherland of Langwell, and widow of John Innes of Oust. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Alexander.

III. ALEXANDER CALDER OF ACHINGALE AND NEWTON married, in 1722, Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Sixpenny, and had issue: -

  1. Donald
  2. Beatrice, who married William Henderson in Dirlot
IV. DONALD CALDER OF ACHINGALE died without issue.

V. BEATRICE CALDER, as heiress to her brother and father, disponed the lands in 1763 to her uncle, William Sinclair, in whose family they remained until 1804, when they were acquired by William Sinclair of Freswick. The reversion of the wadset of 1665 had come into the hands of Sir James Sinclair of Dunbeath, and was acquired by William Sinclair, his son-in-law.

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