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The estate of Lybster is in the parish of Latheron.
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I. JOHN SINCLAIR, FIRST OF LYBSTER, was eldest son of John Sinclair, first of Assery, and his second wife, Margaret Davidson. In 1647 he was appointed "Bailie of Latheron" by the Earl of Caithness; in 1655 he obtained a wadset of Lybster from the Earl of Caithness; and in 1692 the property was acquired by his son and successor, who obtained the right of reversion of the wadset. He married Beatrix Sinclair, supposed to have been of the Thura family, and had: -

  1. James, his successor
  2. George, whose only daughter, Beatrix, married Alexander Sinclair of Sixpennyland
  1. Elizabeth, who married Alexander Boynd in Thurso
II. JAMES SINCLAIR, SECOND OF LYBSTER, married Katharine, daughter of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster, and had five sons and two daughters: -
  1. John, his successor
  2. Patrick, in Northfield in 1702, and who had a son, Alexander, afterwards of Lybster
  3. William of Hoy and Scotscalder
  4. Robert of Geise, Advocate
  5. George (1731)
  1. Beatrix, eldest daughter, who married, in 1707, James Sutherland in Ausdale
  2. Elizabeth, who married John McKay in Kirtomy, third son of John McKay of Strathy and Dirlot
III. JOHN SINCLAIR, THIRD OF LYBSTER, styled "Fiar" in 1694, and "of Lybster" in 1709, succeeded his father, James, and died without issue.

IV. ALEXANDER SINCLAIR, FOURTH OF LYBSTER, was the nephew of John, last of Lybster, and son of Patrick Sinclair in Northfield. In 1710 he was served heir to his uncle, and to his grandfather, James. He married Aemilia, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Sixpenny, and had a son and three daughters: -

  1. Patrick, his successor
  1. Katharine, eldest daughter, who married James Sinclair of Harpsdale, and was his third wife
  2. Margaret, who died unmarried
  3. Aemilia, who died unmarried
V. LIEUTENANT-GENERAL PATRICK SINCLAIR, FIFTH OF LYBSTER, married Catharine Stewart, and had four sons and a daughter: -
  1. Temple Frederick, his successor
  2. Jeffrey, Surgeon-General in the Bombay Army, who left two daughters
  3. Thomas Aubrey, Stipendiary Magistrate at Granada, where he died unmarried
  4. Patrick, who died unmarried
  1. Susan, only daughter, who married David Laing, Surgeon in Thurso, and died in 1865, leaving issue
VI. TEMPLE FREDERICK SINCLAIR, THE SIXTH AND LAST OF LYBSTER, was a Captain in the Army, and died unmarried. In 1868 the estate was sold by his trustees to the Duke of Portland for 24,000.

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