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The estate of Assery is in the parish of Halkirk.

I. JAMES SINCLAIR, FIRST OF MURKLE, had a son named John, who, in a charter granted by his father in 1615, to which he was an instrumentary witness, is designed "filio naturali dicti Jacobi Sinclair de Murkel"; and who, in a bond dated 28th January 1619, also by his father, and in which he was cautioner, is mentioned as "John Sinclair, son natural" of the granter. In 1628 John Sinclair obtained from William, Lord Berriedale, a charter of the lands of Assery, to himself in liferent, and to his eldest son, James, in fee. In 1631 he got a charter of Brawlbin; and in 1633 a wadset of Forsie; and from him are descended the Sinclairs of Assery, of Lybster, of Geise, and of Scotscalder.

John Sinclair was twice married, and had by his first wife: -

  1. James, his successor
  2. Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Sinclair, who, in 1659, married Anna, daughter of Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke. In 1680, their daughter, Margaret, married David Henderson of Gersay, son of William Henderson of Nottingham and his wife, Janet Gordon, widow of James Sutherland of Forse
John Sinclair's second wife was Margaret Davidson, who is traditionally supposed to have been of the Davidsons in Achingills or Buckies, and by her he had: -
  1. John Sinclair, first of Lybster
  2. William, who, in 1670, held the wadset of Forsie, and who was afterwards in Ulgrimbeg and Ulgrimore. He married Jean, daughter of William Sinclair of Dun, and had two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. The former married, in 1705, Donald Gunn in Achalibster
  3. George, mentioned in 1652 and 1660
  1. Grizzel, who married John Doull, wadsetter of Thuster, near Wick
  2. Isabell, who married, first, Arthur Forbes, merchant in Edinburgh, and, second, William Sinclair of Dun
  3. Janet, who married, in 1616, George Munro, Sheriff-Clerk of Caithness
In a deed executed in 1665 by James, the eldest son of John Sinclair, in which he reserves Margaret Davidson's liferent of Assery, she is designed "my mother", but she appears to have been only his stepmother, seeing that John Sinclair of Lybster is mentioned as the eldest son of the second marriage.

II. JAMES SINCLAIR, SECOND OF ASSERY, married first, Elizabeth Balfour; and, second, Margaret, daughter of David Munro, commissary of Caithness. He had several sons and daughters: -

  1. George, eldest son of his first marriage
  2. John, in Ulgrimbeg, married Bess Craigie. George and John are named as brothers-german
  3. James, a merchant in Thurso, who died in 1713, and had several sons, of whom Daniel was minister of Longformacus. William was a merchant in Thurso, and Alexander was a notary-public in Thurso, and married Jean, daughter of James Sinclair of Wester-Brims
  1. Katharine, eldest daughter, married Alexander Gibson, Dean of Bower from 1668 to 1682
III. GEORGE SINCLAIR, THIRD OF ASSERY, was twice married. His second wife was Isabel, daughter of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster. He had five sons and a daughter: -
  1. James, apparent in 1700
  2. John, called eldest lawful son in 1691
  3. Patrick
  4. George, eldest son of Isabel Sinclair
  5. Francis, also of the second marriage
  1. Elizabeth, the only daughter, married Richard Sinclair of Thura
The creditors of James, second of Assery, had led apprisings against the estates, which were acquired by Ulbster and Sir William Dunbar of Hempriggs. In 1675 Ulbster assigned his rights to John Sinclair (2); while, in 1682, Sir William Dunbar conveyed his rights to George Sinclair (4), then of Assery, and his sons, John and Patrick.

IV. JOHN SINCLAIR, FOURTH OF ASSERY, succeeded his father, George, and in 1698 married Elizabeth Innes, widow of Laurence Calder of Lynegar, by whom he had an only son, John, his successor. He afterwards married Barbara, daughter of Patrick Murray of Pennyland, by whom he had an only child, Isabella, who married John Sinclair of Scotscalder.

V. JOHN. SINCLAIR, FIFTH OF ASSERY, was served heir in general to his father, John, in 1728, and in 1765 he was infeft as eldest lawful son. He married Katharine, eldest daughter of Robert Sinclair of Geise, and had: -

  1. Robert
  2. John
  3. Charles
  4. James
  1. Isabella, eldest daughter, who married Robert Manson Sinclair of Bridgend
  2. Katharine
  3. Jean, who married Sir Benjamin Sinclair of Stemster
VI. CAPTAIN ROBERT SINCLAIR, SIXTH OF ASSERY, was served heir to his father cum beneficia inventarii, in 1772. He married Katharine Sinclair, and had no issue.

The estate was brought to judicial sale by the creditors, and Captain Sinclair having died during the proceedings, they were continued against his brother, John; and in 1784 Assery and Brawlbin were purchased by Ulbster. The trustees of Sir John Sinclair sold the lands to Mr. Campbell, merchant in London, and from him they were purchased by the late James Sinclair of Forss, for about 9000.

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