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The farm of Hoy is in the parish of Thurso.
In 2002 it was owned by Alexander, Isabella and Graeme Younger

JOHN, Master of Berriedale, granted, in 1630, a wadset of Hoy to one WILLIAM SINCLAIR, who held also the lands of Cairdscroft, Oldfield, and Hallowtoft, near Thurso. This William Sinclair is a different person from William Sinclair of Hoy and Scotscalder, and is probably "William Sinclair in Thurso East", who is mentioned in the proceedings against the Earl of Caithness and others for the forcible abduction, in 1668, of William McKay of Scourie (McKay, p, 366). By his wife, Katharine Anguson, William Sinclair had two sons: -

  1. James, fiar of Hoy in 1676, and in Hoy in 1700. He married Elizabeth Sinclair, who, in 1730, is described as relict of James Sinclair of Oldfield
  2. William, Commissary of Caithness, who married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Innes of Sandside. He had two sons: -
    1. William, who got from his grandfather, in 1690, a disposition to Oldfield, Cairdscroft, and Hallowtoft, which he disponed to his brother in 1729
    2. Robert, Rector of Bulfen, in Essex, who, in 1731, disponed Oldfield, Cairdscroft, and Hallowtoft to William Innes of Sandside
James Sinclair of Hoy and his wife disponed the wadset of these lands to Sir George Sinclair of Clyth, through whom it came into the hands of his nephew, William Sinclair of Hoy and Scotscalder.

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