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The estate of Bridgend is in the parish of Watten.

I. The ancestor of the Mansons of Bridgend was Alexander Manson, merchant in Wick, who, in 1681 and 1685, sat for that burgh in the Scottish Parliament; and in 1693 was Commissioner for the county. In 1690 he purchased the estate of Watten from Lord Breadalbane for about 1952 sterling. He acquired Flex from the Baynes; and in 1698 he purchased from Coghill of that Ilk the lands of Coghill, which he had previously held in wadset. He married Isabel Hay, and appears to have had several children. He was succeeded by his son, George.

II. GEORGE MANSON OF BRIDGEND married, first, Katharine, daughter (it is supposed) of John Sinclair of Rattar, and, secondly, a daughter of Sir Robert Dunbar of Northfield. He died in 1749, and had three daughters: -

  1. Isabel, who died unmarried
  2. Margaret, who was served heir to Isabel in 1742
  3. Sidney
Reference is made to the "Notes" on the Dunbars of Northfield, as to George Manson's marriage to Miss Dunbar. If any such marriage took place, George Manson was twice married, as there is no doubt that he married Katharine, fourth daughter of John Sinclair of Rattar, and "sister of Freswick", that is, of William Sinclair. Vide William Sutherland of Forse's evidence in Dunbeath Reduction case, and statement by Alexander Sinclair of Barrock.

"In October 1702 George Manson settled his estate on his daughters, Isabel and Margaret, who seem to have been then his only children born, and it is thought that their mother was Katharine Sinclair, and their father's first wife, as his marriage to Sir Robert Dunbar's daughter does not appear to have taken place earlier than 1728, and was probably considerably later". Vide Answers for Miss Sinclair of Southdun to Petition of Robert Manson Sinclair, 1781.

III. SIDNEY MANSON OF BRIDGEND married William, son of George Sinclair of Barrock, and had a son and a daughter: -

  1. Robert Manson Sinclair
  1. --, who married Mr. Bogie, and whose only daughter, Catharine, married John Rose, Sheriff Substitute of Caithness, on the death of her cousin-german, Elizabeth, Mr. Rose's first wife
IV. ROBERT MANSON OF BRIDGEND married Isabel, daughter of John Sinclair of Assery. She died in 1779, and he died about 1790. He was of very convivial habits, and "Brigend's Bowl", famed in his own time as ever in need of sugar, whisky, or water, thereby calling for constant additions, is still locally "a Bowl of renown". In 1788 the estate was judicially sold, and was purchased by Sir Robert Anstruther for 12,450. Robert Manson Sinclair had three sons alive in 1772, and five daughters: -
  1. William
  2. George, a Lieutenant in the army, who was served heir in 1782, cum beneficio
  3. Robert, who was a writer in Edinburgh
Of the daughters there is no information except as regards two: -
  1. Catharine, who died unmarried
  2. Elizabeth, the second daughter, who was the first wife of John Rose, Sheriff-Substitute of Caithness, and Collector of Customs at Thurso, (Contract of Marriage, October 1772) and had issue

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