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The estate of Swiney is in the parish of Latheron.

CHARLES GORDON, ancestor of this family, "having acquired considerable means by a long course of industry", purchased the estate of Pulrossie, in Sutherlandshire. This property he sold to Mr. Dempster of Skibo, and in 1789 he purchased the estate of Swinzie or Swiney from Captain Patrick Sinclair of Durran, as administrator for his son, Patrick Sinclair Sutherland of Swinzie, for 5500. The conveyance was taken to his eldest son, Lieutenant John Gordon, who was thus the first Gordon of Swiney.

John Gordon had five sons and two daughters: -

  1. Lieutenant John Gordon, who had a son, John
  2. Dr. McKay Gordon, who settled in South America
  3. Charles
  4. George
  5. William
  1. Mrs. Young
  2. Mrs. Gunn, Risgill
Under an entail executed by Mr. Gordon, he was succeeded by his natural son, Major-General James Gordon of Munsary, who died unmarried in 1867. Upon his death the succession opened up to John Gordon's great-grandson, descended from his eldest son, Lieutenant John Gordon.

John McKay Gordon of Swiney, grandson of Lieutenant John Gordon by his only son, John, died soon after his succession unmarried, and was succeeded by his brother, George Montagu.

George Montagu Gordon of Swiney sold the estate in 1877 to the Duke of Portland.

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