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The estate of Thuster is in the parish of Wick.
In 2002 it was owned by John and Margaret Brims
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JOHN DOULL OF THUSTER, Wick, got a wadset of these lands in 1650, and in a tack of the teinds of Forse granted to him by the Bishop in 1685, he is designed "Servitor to the Earl of Caithness". He married Grizzel, daughter of John Sinclair, first of Assery, and had a son, John.

John Doull was, in 1678, "Servitor" to Sir Robert Sinclair of Longformacus, advocate, and as such he was probably merely an "advocate's clerk". He practised as a writer for many years in Edinburgh, and had a considerable business connection with the county. He had one son at least, and two daughters: -

  1. Patrick Doull of Winterfield
  1. Mary, who was the third wife of George, third Lord Reay, and who is mentioned in "Burke" as daughter of John Dowell, Esq. They had two sons and four daughters
  2. Margaret, who married Major William Sinclair of Thura
In 1696 there was a William Doull, a writer in Edinburgh, who, it is supposed, was a son of John Doull. In 1677 John had granted a disposition of subjects in Wick to Robert Calder and his son, John, by his wife, Anne Doull; and in 1696 Willilam Doull granted another disposition of the same property.

There were other Doulls in Wick connected, it is thought, with the Doulls of Thuster, of whom several intermarried with the Calders in Wick.

Patrick Doull of Oldfield, near Thurso, and his brother, Benjamin, Commissary Clerk of Caithness, were also connected with Wick. Benjamin died unmarried before 1780. Patrick was a merchant in Thurso, and married Mary, daughter of Robert Sinclair of Geise. His last surviving son, Alexander, an officer in the navy or marines, perished in India in 1781, by the blowing up of his ship.

Patrick and Benjamin Doull had at least two sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Doull, and Janet, who married James Calder, merchant. in Wick, whose son, Benjamin, in Mountpleasant, Thurso, and of the Customs, was father of the late General Patrick Doull Calder of the Royal Engineers.

Grizzel Doull, a niece of Patrick Doull of Oldfield, married David Andrew, and had a son, Patrick, whose only son, Sir William Patrick Andrew, is Chairman of the Scinde and Punjab Railway.

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