Case 2 - a rural family from East Lothian

The subject of this search was a woman born as Janet Levy Whitelaw (referred to here as JLW).
She had 2 sons (both now deceased) and 4 living granddaughters, who were children when she died in 1963. 9 (so far) other descendants were born later.
Neither of her sons had discussed their childhood with their daughters, and had not remained in touch with their cousins after World War II.
Family tradition relates that she was once employed by Arthur Balfour (Prime Minister 1902-1905). Later she went to work for Lady Strathmore (the Queen Mother's mother), and worked at Glamis Castle during the (future) Queen Mother's childhood. She left some time before World War I, to work as a housekeeper for a family in Edinburgh.
Her grandaughters knew that she had come from a small village in East Lothian, but they had lost contact with any relations on that side of the family after their grandmothers death.
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