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1847 - 63

When Lord Eric sold the estate in 1829, no proper provision was made for his brother and successor in the title, the Hon. Alexander. This is what the Rev. Dr. Macintosh Mackay, an intimate acquaintance of Lord Alexander, writes in the Ben Reay Notes: -

"Lord Eric's younger brother, Alexander, then a Major in the army, with a numerous family, got not one farthing of the proceeds of the sale. He was left destitute and worse than destitute - he was imposed upon by being made to believe that his brother purchased an estate for him in Demarara, a Negro estate ! But on that estate being examined, it was found pledged to the teeth, and was sold by judgment of the Court for its debts - debts which were not covered by the sale. A natural daughter of Eric's married a baronet in Hertfordshire. She was dowered by her father and made very rich, while his brother Alexander, with his whole family, was left pennyless."

His Lordship served for some time in the Gordon Highlanders, but on the embodiment of the 93rd or Sutherland Highlanders he joined that corps as a captain, and in 1815 was retired on half-pay and the rank of major. He afterwards held the rank of Barrack-Master of Malta.

Lord Alexander married, 8th Apr 1809, Marion, daughter of Colonel Gall, Military Secretary to Warren Hastings, and widow of David Ross, Calcutta, eldest son of Lord Ankerville, a judge of the Court of Session.
Lord Reay, who died in 1863, had by her the following children: -

  1. George Alexander, died 1811
  2. Eric, who succeeded
  3. Anne Marion, died 1852
  4. Sophia, married in 1852 Charles Arthur Aylmer, and died in London without issue in 1866. As she had expressed a desire to be buried beside her great-grandfather, Am Morair Mor, her body was re-interred in the Reay vault at Tongue on Monday, 9th Sep 1867, when a huge concourse of people attended the obsequies from all parts of Strathnaver. It was the last burial in the Reay vault; and on the preceding Sabbath the Rev. Dr. Macintosh Mackay preached the funeral sermon, which was afterwards published, in the Free Church of Tongue to as many people as could be packed into the building.
  5. Mary, died 1852
  6. Clara, died 1862
  7. Elizabeth, died 1862
  8. Charlotte, married John Drever of the India Civil Service, and died without issue in 1852.

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