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I. EDWARD SINCLAIR, FIRST OF TOFT, was succeeded in these lands by his nephew,

II EDWARD SINCLAIR, died 1681; married Christian, daughter of Robert Fea, and had issue -

  1. JAMES, his heir
  2. WILLIAM (see Number IV)
  4. HENRY.
  1. MARGARET, married Mr. Robert Gray, minister of Nesting, and had with other issue
    1. BARBARA, married James Greig of Vassay;
    2. CHRISTIAN, married, 1st, Edward Sinclair of Toft; and, 2nd, Thomas Auchenleck
    3. BARBARA, married William Greig of Vassay,
    4. JANET.

III JAMES SINCLAIR OF TOFT wadsetted his lands to his brother-in-law, Mr. Robert Gray, who thereafter brought a criminal suit against him, in consequence of which he fled to Holland, but returned after a few years. He did not obtain repossession of the estate, and died with no issue, 1712, having married in 1700 Marion, daughter of James Murray of Clairden.

IV WILLIAM SINCLAIR OF TOFT succeeded his brother; granted a disposition dated 1st December 1754, of 2 ½ merks land in Crookster to his daughter Margaret and her husband. He had issue -

  1. EDWARD, his heir.
  2. MARGARET, married John Omond, wright in Toft.

V EDWARD SINCLAIR OF TOFT, died before 1748, married his cousin Christian, daughter of Rev. Robert Gray, minister of Nesting, and had issue -

  1. WILLIAM, his heir.
  2. ANDREW (see Number VII).
  3. ROBERT, married Janet Chappie
  1. BARBARA, married her cousin, Robert Simpson.

On the death of Edward Sinclair, his widow married Thomas Auchenleck, and had issue a daughter Margaret, married in 1773 John Angus, and had a daughter Andrina Christina, who married James Bain, Lerwick.

VI WILLIAM SINCLAIR OF TOFT, designed in a factory granted by him in 1767, in favour of Thomas Auchenleck, as "of the Parish of St.John, Wapping, in the County of Middlesex, South Britain, mariner" Died 15th September, 1786, unmarried.

VII ANDREW SINCLAIR, mariner in London, served heir to his granduncle, James Sinclair of Toft, 26th December 1788; married Sarah Manuel, and had issue several children, who died young. He sold his property in Toft to his nephew, Gilbert Angus, merchant, Lerwick, on 7th February 1808.

Amongst other Shetlanders preferring complaint against the Balfours, 23rd December 1597, are Henry Sinclair of Wolsettir, William Sinclair of Sindburgh, and James Sinclair in Housbie.

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