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"THE SAINT CLAIRS OF THE ISLES" herein submitted to the readers is intended to be a comprehensive work upon the gens de Sancto Claro in the Orcades, Scotland, and elsewhere, arranged in chronological sequence and, as far as possible, in narrative style.

It has been thought desirable to strictly adhere to the text of those eminent authorities who have already treated upon various parts of the subject-matter of this work, and with that object permission has been solicited and conceded to utilise freely and fully the works enumerated below. I cannot too clearly express my sense of obligation for various copyright concessions, and hope that my efforts with the book will in part justify the consideration accorded.

[Note - all the works referred to in this book are now out of copyright.
Where necessary, the text has been translated into modern English]

To Mr. Henry Brett, of Auckland, publisher of this book, my especial acknowledgments are manifestly due.
I have also to thank the Hon. Norman Sinclair, Master [heir apparent] of Caithness, for contributing matter relating to the 52nd and subsequent Earls of Caithness;
Sir John Rose George Sinclair, Baronet, of Dunbeath, for many useful notes and genealogical tables:
Mrs. A. Stuart, 19 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh, for notes on the Dreux and de Coucy connection with Scotland;
the Right Hon. Lord Sinclair for memoranda relating to the Master of Sinclair, etc.;
the H. Herr Count Sinclair for notices of the chivalrous Swedes;
the H. Herr Count James Henry Sinclair, of Lambahof, for a copy of the "Genealogical Descendance", on which Chapter XIII is based;
C. F. Bricka, Royal Archivist of Denmark. C.T. Odhner, Royal Archivist of Sweden, and H. Huitfeld Kaas, Royal Archivist of Norway, for courteous replies to important queries;
the Hon. Chas. H. St. Clair, of Morgan City, Louisiana, for topographical notes and other valuable assistance;
E. G. Sinckler, J.P., Barbados, for notes supplied;
Henry A. Rye, of Stretton, Burton-on-Trent, for abstracts from interesting documents;
His Grace the Duke of Sutherland for supplying certified copy of Appendix I;
Douglas and Foulis, Edinburgh, for the prompt supply of text-books ordered from time to time.
I have further to express my consciousness of obligation to the Hon. Sir Robert Stout, K.C.M.G., and Messrs. Gilbert Goudie, Francis J. Grant, Alfred W. Johnston (Imperial lnstitute, London), Edward Shillington (Librarian Free Public Library, Auckland), and Thomas Sinclair, M.A. (Torquay, England), for authority to publish the expression of their favourable opinions of the Manuscript of this work.

Auckland, New Zealand,
St. Magnus' Day, 16th April 1898.

This book, and all references cited within it, are now out of copyright.
Some of them are still in print.

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