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[From Exchequer Rolls; Register of the Privy Seal, etc.]

I. OLIVER SINCLAIR OF PITCAIRN AND WHITEKIRK was the fourth son of Sir Oliver St.Clair of Roslin. A charter of Pitcairn in Perth, issued to him and his spouse Katherine Bellenden on the 13th January 1537. On the 13th January 1538-9, Letters of Legitimation were issued to James Sinclair, natural son of "our familiar" Oliver Sinclair de Pitcairn; he and his wife are mentioned 15th February 1541-2. Taken prisoner at Solway in 1542, the English rate him as having lands value 500 merks scots per annum = 125 merks sterling; goods £1,000 scots= £125 sterling. On the 13th December 1543, there are several entries referring to a suit instituted by the Queen Dowager against Oliver. On the 1st September, 1567, Oliver Sinclair of Whitekirk was required to enter his person in ward within the castle of Down of Menteith with in three days, remaining there at his own expense until relieved. On 18th November 1567, he was required to compeare under pain of rebellion and horn [outlawry] to answer the complaint of Andrew Lamb against Pitcairn and others, his accomplices, for invading and pursuing, etc., him and his for occupying the lands of Polmore. On the 24th August Sir Oliver Sinclair of Whitekirk, was desired to appear in presence of my Lord Regent and the three estates of Parliament. "To p'cure to p'test as effeirit for the laird of Roslin, his chief and kinsman". See also Historiette

He had issue-

  1. HENRY SINCLAIR of Whitekirk.
  2. OLIVER SINCLAIR, his brother-german [full brother], perhaps of Ravensneuk, witness 1st November 1582.
  1. ISABELLA, natural and legitimate daughter of Oliver Sinclair and Katherine Bellentyne, most probably legitimised by marriage subsequent to birth.
  2. JAMES, natural son, Letters of Legitimation 13th January 1538-9.

NOTE - Oliver Sinclair of Pitcairn is now represented by the Ramsays of Dalhousie.

II HENRY SINCLAIR OF WHITEKIRK and Oliver Sinclair of Ravensneuk are caution for Roslin 16th August 1591, and in 1582 he had witnessed the conveyance by Edward Sinclair, fiar [heir apparent] of Roslin, to his brother William. On the 11th August 1590, Oliver Sinclair in Ravensneuk is one of those cited as a troubler of ministers and for being suspected of ecclesiastical offences. Mr. Henry Sinclair, Provost of Roslin, appeared 28th January 1601, for Oliver, brother of Henry Sinclair of Whitekirk, On 9th January 1602, Oliver Sinclair of Ravensneuk became surety for the appearance of Henry Sinclair of Whitekirk touching the ravishing of Margaret Carkettle; On the 28th same, he was committed to ward, but horning was suspended. In defence he denied the abduction. On the 26th August 1606, he was accused of invading the house of Margaret Murray, Lady Ford.

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