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XII THE HON. JAMES ST.CLAIR, rightful 12th Lord Sinclair, never assumed the title. He was a General in the army and a distinguished diplomatist.

In 1735 he or his brother purchased the ancient ancestral Castle of Rosslyn from the last heir of that cadet branch, and added it to the other baronial estates of the family, of Ravenscraig, Dysart, etc., which were settled by deed of entail 31st October 1735, failing issue of the body of the granter, upon the heirs-male of his sisters. Dying without issue in 1762, General St.Clair was succeeded in the estates and representation of the Sinclair family by his nephew, Colonel James Patterson St.Clair; while the claim to the title of Lord Sinclair devolved, according to the remainder in the new patent of 1677, granted by King Charles II to Henry, 11th Lord Sinclair, on the son of Mathew Sinclair (youngest paternal uncle of that Baron), viz.-

XIII CHARLES ST.CLAIR OF HERDMANSTON, rightful 13th Lord. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Andrew Hume of Kimmerghem, a Lord of Session, 1773. He was succeeded in his claim by his son

XIV ANDREW ST.CLAIR OF HERDMANSTON, rightful 14th Lord. He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Rutherfurd, younger of Edgerton and grand-daughter of Sir John Rutherfurd of Edgerton, and had issue -

  1. CHARLES, Lord Sinclair, born 30th July 1768
  2. MATTHEW Commander Royal Navy; lost at sea in 1800
  3. ELEANOR, died unmarried in 1786
XV CHARLES ST.CLAIR OF HERDMANSTON, rightful 15th Lord, had his claim to this peerage confirmed on the 25th April 1782. He married, first, on 13th February 1802, Mary Agnes, only daughter of James Chisholme of Chisholme, by whom he had issue

  1. JAMES, late Peer, born 3rd July 1803
  2. MATHEW, born 2nd April 1808; died 11th August 1827
  3. CHARLES ST.CLAIR of St.Ella's Lodge, Eyemouth, County Berwickshire; born 8th June 1811; Commander Royal Navy; married 1st September 1840, Isabella Jane (died 1852), fourth daughter of W. Foreman Home of Paxton, County Berwick, and by her had -
    1. WILLIAM HOME CHISHOLME, born 9th September, 1841; Captain Royal Navy,1880; married 1st July 1869, Emma Searle, daughter of Julian Slight, and has issue -
      1. CHARLES HOME DOUGLAS, born 3rd June 1873
      2. FREDERICK CATHCART GUY, born 29th May 1878. Club - U.S.
      3. CHARLES JAMES CHISHOLME, Royal Navy, born 19th January 1844; died 4th August 1861
    2. MATHEW JOHN, born 30th May 1845; married 23rd April 1869, Charlotte Fraser, daughter of the Rev. D.M. Sinclair of Warwick, Queensland, and has issue -
      1. MAY born 1870; married, 1889, Russell Hughes
      2. ELLA, born 1871
      3. EVA, born 1873
      4. A daughter born 1883
    3. ADOLPHUS FREDERICK. Commander Royal Navy; born 27th December 1847
    4. JAMES ANDREW, born 31st December 1851; is married and has issue living
    5. MARY JANE, born 1846; married 4th April 1877, to the Rev. Frederick George Stapleton
    6. ISABELLA HOME, born 1849; married 2nd August 1883, Watkin Williams Jones, M.D.
    He married secondly, 1st July 1854, Anne Crawfurd, fourth daughter of Sir John Pringle, 5th Baronet, and died 8th February 1863, having by her had -
    1. JOHN PRINGLE, born 1862
    1. SUSAN EVA, born 1859
  1. SUSAN, married 6th August 1829, to F.D. Massy Dawson, cousin of Lord Massy.
His Lordship married, secondly, 18th September, 1816, Isabella Mary, youngest daughter of Alexander Chatto of Mainhouse, County Roxburghshire, and by her had -
  1. JOHN, born 12th July 1820; died 31st March 1842
  1. The HON. ELEANOR, born 1818. Residence - Pillmuir, Paynton Road, Torquay.
  2. The HON. JANE ELIZABETH, born 1822; married 6th September, 1853, Rev. William Leyland Feilden, Rector of Rolleston and Hon. Canon of Liverpool.
Lord Sinclair was one of the Scottish representative Peers. He entered the British Army in 1784, and was Lieut.-Colonel of the 15th Foot. He retired at the peace of 1802, and was afterwards appointed Lieut.-Colonel of the Berwickshire Militia. He died on the 30th September, 1863, and was succeeded by his eldest son

XVI JAMES, LORD SINCLAIR, a Scottish representative peer, and captain of the Grenadier Guards. He married 14th September, 1830, Jane, eldest daughter of Archibald Little, of Shabden Park, Surrey, and had issue -

  1. CHARLES WILLIAM, present peer, born 8th September, 1831
  2. ARCHIBALD, Commander Royal Navy, born 2nd October 1833; died 2nd March 1872
  3. HON. JAMES CHISHOLME, born 21st November 1837; served in Madras C.S., 1857-82, Residence - 24, Ryder Street, St.James, London S.W. Clubs - Conservative, East End U.S., New (Edinburgh)
  4. HON. LOCKHART MATHEW, born 25th July 1855; educated at Wellington College and at Cooper's Hill; is an Executive Engineer in Public Works Department of India; sometime Engineer to Nepal Government; married 30th July 1881, Ellen Mary Margaret, daughter of Surgeon General William Roche Rice, C.S.I., M.D. Issue -
    1. JAMES CHISHOLME RICE, born 22nd march 1882; died 11th August 1883
    2. WILLIAM LOCKHART, born 1883
    3. GEORGE JAMES PAUL, born 1885 Clubs - Junior Carlton, New (Edinburgh)

    1. THE HON. MARY AGNES, born 1840
    2. HELEN, died 19 August 1849
His lordship died 24th October 1880.

XVII CHARLES WILLIAM SAINT CLAIR, 31st Lord of Herdmanston, 17th Baron St.Clair or Sinclair in the peerage of Scotland, and a Representative Peer, born 8th September 1831; succeeded, 1880; educated at Royal Military College, Sandhurst; entered the Army in 1848, and retired as Colonel, having served with 57th Foot in the Crimean Campaign of 1854-55, and as A.A.G. to the Forces on the Bosphorus 1855-6 (medal with three clasps and Sardinian and Turkish medals), and in New Zealland War, 1861-62, as Acting Assistant Military Secretary and A.D.C. to Sir Duncan Cameron (medal); D.S.O., 1896; is a J.P. and a D.L. for County Berwick. It will be observed that while St.Clair is the family surname, the title has succumbed to the leveling process of the ages, and become assimilated to the corrupt Scots vernacular, and in conformity thereto the present Baron appends to all State and other documents the signature "Sinclair". Lord Sinclair married, 6th October 1870, Margaret Jane, youngest daughter of James Murray, of 16 Bryanstone Square, London W., and has issue as undernoted -

  1. THE HON. ARCHIBALD JAMES MURRAY, Master [heir apparent] of Sinclair, born 16th February 1875; is Lieutenant 3rd battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers
  2. THE HON. CHARLES HENRY MURRAY, born 19th December 1878
  1. THE HON. ADA JANE, born 1871
  2. THE HON. MARGARET HELEN, born 1873
  3. THE HON. GEORGINA VIOLET, born 1877

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