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GIFFORD OF WEATHERSTA in the Parish of Delting

  1. MR JOHN GIFFORD, said to have been a second son of John Gifford of Sheriffhall, Midlothian, was reader in Northmaven in 1567, and had a third of the Vicarage, amounting to £20 Scots, for serving St Colm's Kirk, Croce Kirk and Ollaberry, together with a barrel of butter out of the umboth duties or Bishop's rents of the parish. He is designed minister in 1574, died before the 10th July 1577, married Margaret, sister of Sir Patrick Ballenden of Stennis in Orkney, and had three sons,
    1. Andrew of Weathersta
    2. Gilbert, who married Barbara, daughter of Laurence Sinclair of Goat
  2. ANDREW GIFFORD purchased the lands of Weathersta, lying between Busta Voe and Olnafirth, from Earl Robert Stewart by Charter dated 8th July 1583. He appears also to have acquired the lands of Busta on the opposite side of the Voe. On 30th June 1597, he is ordained by the Privy Council to find caution to the extent of 1000 merks Scots, to maintain good rule in his lands, and in 1610 and 1614 he is appointed a Commissioner of the Peace for Shetland. He died 10th January 1620, survived by Agnes Robertson, his relict, and his sons Gilbert and John were appointed his executors. He had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Gilbert of Hogsetter, who had a precept of sasine from his father in favour of himself and Katherine Umphray his spouse, of 18 merks of land in Melbie, 9 in Hogsetter and 2 in Estasetter in the Parish of Sandness, and 12 merks in the parish of Delting, on 9th September 1607. He had issue:
      1. Thomas, who had a Charter from his father on 9th September 1634, of the 101/2 merks land of Hogsetter, 2 in Ustasetter, and 1 in Melbie, in the parish of Sandness, 9 in Isbister, 9 in Breckan, 9 in Voxiter, 7 in Sandgarth, 5 in Toften, 4 in Firth, 61/2 in Toften, in Burraness, and 2 in Midgarth, in the parish of Delting;
      2. Janet, who married Patrick Cheyne of Vaila, who received a Charter from his father-in-law on 21st February 1632, of a last of land in Melbie.
    3. Barbara, married James Henderson of Gairdie
    4. Margaret, married Edward Sinclair of Marrasetter, in Whalsay, and died August 1620
  3. JOHN GIFFORD of Weathersta [2nd of Weathersta], a witness to a precept of sasine by his father to his brother, Gilbert, on 8th December 1607, died 1658, aged 85, having married Marjorie Bruce, and had issue ten sons and fourteen daughters, viz.,
    1. Laurence, his heir
    2. Andrew of Melby, married Agnes, daughter of James Strang of Voesgarth, and relict of Thomas Cheyne of Vaila
    3. Gilbert of Uphouse, died 1689, married Margaret, daughter of Michael Sinclair of Aith, but had no issue
    4. Robert of Busta
    5. Alexander, married Janet, daughter of Mr Thomas Hendrie, minister of Walls, and had a daughter
    6. John of Trondra, born 1621, died 1708, unmarried
  4. LAURENCE GIFFORD of Weathersta [3rd of Weathersta] is a witness to charter by his uncle Gilbert, to Patrick Cheyne of Vaila, on 21st February 1632. He was alive in 1656, married Jean, daughter of James Sinclair of Quendale, and had
    1. Marjory, married Andrew Mowat, second son of Swinzie in Caithness, and had a son and daughter.
    He is also said to have had a daughter Marie, married to Ninian Neven of Windhouse.
  5. GILBERT GIFFORD of Weathersta [4th of Weathersta] mentioned in 1665, had issue:
    1. Andrew, his heir
    2. Barbara, married Charles Scott of Reafirth
  6. ANDREW GIFFORD of Weathersta [5th of Weathersta], died 1693, having married (first) Margaret, daughter of Laurence Stewart of Bigtoun, and (second) Barbara, daughter of Ninian Neven, of Scousburgh, and had issue: Laurence, who predeceased him in 1690
  7. LAURENCE GIFFORD of Weathersta [6th of Weathersta], probably grandson of previous, appears in 1701, and married Janet, daughter of William Tarrell of Laxvoe. The estate was aquired by Mr Alexander Dunbar, minister of Delting, from whose family it again passed into the hands of the Giffords.
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