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CHEYNE OF TANGWICK in the Parish of Northmaven

  1. JAMES CHEYNE of Tangwick, was the son of George Cheyne, ninth of Esslemont. He married Grizel, daughter of Thomas Leslie of Ustaness, and had issue:
    1. Patrick, his heir
    2. Jean
  2. PATRICK CHEYNE, fiar of Tangwick, married (first) in 1736, Jean, daughter of William Henderson of Gairdie, (second) Mary, eldest daughter of Rev. James Buchan, minister of Northmaven. He was father of
  3. JAMES CHEYNE of Tangwick, born 1737, seised as heir of his father 1765, died 19th March 1821, married Ann daughter of John Gifford, Sheriff Clerk of Zetland, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Arthur of Ollaberry
    3. Mary, married 20th August 1809, Robert Hoseason of Udhouse and Mossbank
    4. Jane, married 29th September 1796, Gilbert Henderson of Bardister
  4. JOHN CHEYNE of Tangwick died 1840, and was succeeded by his son
  5. HENRY CHEYNE of Tangwick, born 24th August 1804, went to Edinburgh, and was admitted a Writer to the Signet in 1829. He died 27th February 1868, having married on 7th May 1840, Barbara, eldest daughter of William Hay, of Laxfirth, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. William, born 30th January 1842, died 4th March 1856
    3. Arthur, merchant, London, born 1st January 1844, married, 1883, Frances, third daughter of Donald Macleod Gordon, merchant, Calcutta
    4. Harry of Girlsta, born 2nd March 1845, admitted Writer to the Signet, 1868, married, 20th July 1876, Dora, daughter of George Todd Chiene, C.A. Edinburgh, and had issue: Harry and a daughter
    5. Joseph Gordon Clunes, born 3rd October 1847, Assistant Secretary Scottish Widows Fund Edinburgh
    6. Margaret
    7. Anne
  6. JOHN CHEYNE, now of Tangwick, born 15th February 1841, was admitted an advocate in 1865, appointed Sheriff-Substitute of Forfarshire at Dundee, 1870, Sheriff of Roxburgh, Berwick, and Selkirk, 1885, and of Ross, Cromarty, and Sutherland, 1886, and of Renfrew and Bute, 1889, Procurator of the Church of Scotland, May 1891, and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, June 1892, married (first) 20th March 1871, Margaret, Daughter of Archibald Simson of Commeapore Bengal. She was born 1st March 1846, and died 10th February 1872, and had issue: (1) Maria Helen. He married (second) June 1875, Mary, eldest daughter of James Edward of Balruddery, and has issue: (2) Margaret Frances.
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