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UMPHRAY OF SAND in the Parish of Sandsting

  1. JOHN UMPHRAY in Scalloway, and Ignane Adamsdaughter, his spouse, had a charter from Mr. Magnus Halcro of Brugh, precentor of Orkney, with consent of Adam, Bishop of Orkney, and the chapter of the same, of the lands of Asta, extending to 24 merks with the skat of Hoswick, Cunningsburgh, Quarff, and Uterbuster, also the island called the Holm of Asta, in the Parish of Tingwall, on 1st May 1565. This was confirmed by the Crown on 4th October 1686.
  2. HIEROME UMPHRAY, is mentioned in the following Charter by Robert, Earl of Orkney:- “Be it known to all men by this pnt. charter, we, Robert Earl of Orkney, Lord of Zetland, &c., to have sold, annalled and disponed, and by the tenor hereof analls, sells, and dispones to our beloved friend Mr. Hierome Umphray, and Margaret Murray, his spouse, the longest liver of the two, their heirs and assignees whatsoever, heritably, all the whole of the seven merk land, and one half in Utr Sand, lying within the parishes of Sandsting which was abuted(?) from Nicoll Mansoun for theft, and falling in our hands as escheit and such like, all the whole of one merk land and one half lying as said is, which was abuted(?) from Pale Williamsone for theft, with the pendicles and pertinents thereof, lying within the parish foresaid and lordship of Zetland, with houses, biggings, tofts, crofts, fumails, outbrecks, mosses, moors, fishing, in pasture, free ish and entire from the highest to the lowest of the ebb”, etc., “And that for the sum of one hundred and seventeen pounds, six shillings 8 pence in gold or silver paid and delivered to us at the making hereof by the said Hierome Gifford of Weathersta”. In witness whereof to this our charter of alienation subscribed with our hands, and our proper seal is appended at Stanidaile, the ninth day of August the year of God jai ve four score nine years, (1589), before their witnesses Walter Bruce, Andrew Giffart of Woddesta, Johne Sutherland, vicar of Sandsting and Athsting, and Thomas Auchenick, notary public”. He was probably father of,
    1. Patrick, of Sand
    2. Andrew of Asta, a witness to a charter by Thomas Duncanson to his son Laurence Thomason, of 16 merks in Nethersound, 1628
  3. PATRICK UMPHRAY of Sand, mentioned in an Instrument of Sasine in favor of Laurence Sinclair of Houss, 21st June 1623, had a charter of 2 merks in Kirkhouse, on 22nd November 1630, from Robert Halcro. He died about 1654, married Helen, daughter of James Sinclair of Quendale, and had issue:
    1. Laurence, his heir
    2. John of Asta, died before 1680, having married (first) Elizabeth Grot, and (second) Barbara, daughter of Laurence Sinclair of Goat, who re-married after his death Erasmus Mains or Mense, of Whiteness. He had issue:
      1. John of Asta, disponed his lands in Estinsetter and Elvister, to Laurence Sinclair of Quendale, on 11th January 1694. He had issue:
        1. Barbara, married Thomas Hendrie of Foratwatt;
        2. Janet;
        3. Elizabeth, died 27th January 1749, married Laurence Umphray of Reawick;
        4. Lilias, died 1771, married Mr. John Cuming, minister of Sandsting, 6th November 1702, till his death 21st May 1732, and had issue: John of Garderhouse; and Isobel, married Robert Farquhar, merchant, Lerwick, and had an only son Humphrey
      2. Thomas (by second marriage) along with his mother had a disposition of the 48 merks land of Whiteness, in the parish of Walls, on 8th November 1681, from William Umphray, son of Mr. Laurence Umphray, minister of Walls. These lands he sold to James Mitchell of Girlesta, on 21st May 1702.
  4. LAURENCE UMPHRAY of Sand and Unzefirth, received a Charter from Mr. Patrick Oliphant, sometime minister at Unst, of 6 merks of land in Brownatwatt, and 1/2 merks in Breck, in the Parish of Walls, on 30th May 1655. The witnesses to this document are John Umphray, merchant in Scalloway, Laurence Umphray, minister of Walls, and Patrick Sands, N.P. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Black of Strom and Jean Bruce his spouse, to whom he disponed certain lands in liferent on 1st February 1653. He died about 1680, leaving issue:
    1. Patrick, his heir
    2. Thomas, a witness to a disposition by Thomas Cheyne of Vaila, to Barbara Sinclair of the lands of Scarvister, on 3rd March 1682, probably identical with Thomas Umphray of Voe, who married Barbara Tait, and had issue: Laurence, his heir; Thomas; and Patrick. Laurence of Voe, the eldest son, married Margaret Umphray, and had issue a son John.
  5. PATRICK UMPHRAY of Sand, called apparent in a Disposition of the lands of Whiteness, on 22nd November 1666, had Disposition from his father to himself and Ursula Neven, his spouse, of the lands of Innersand and others, 15th November 1673. He married (first) Ursula, daughter of Ninian Neven of Scousburgh, and (second) Elizabeth Chesser, and had issue:
    1. Laurence, his heir
    2. George, a witness to a Ratification by Elizabeth Chesser his mother, of a wadset to James Mitchell of Girlesta, over the lands of Daillend and Hogsetter, on 15th April 1699
  6. LAURENCE UMPHRAY of Sand, a witness to sasine on Disposition by John Mitchell of Westshore, to John Umphray of Asta, in lands of Stenstwatt, on 20th August 1708, died 20th August 1755. He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Umphray of Asta, and had issue:
    1. Andrew, his heir
  7. ANDREW UMPHRAY of Reawick succeeded his father in these lands, Sand having been previously sold to the Mitchells of Westshore, and died 25th October 1795. He married 18th March 1764, Elizabeth, daughter of John Cuming of Garderhouse, a son of Mr. John Cuming, minister of Aithsting and Sandsting, and had issue:
    1. Ann, born 26th September 1764, died 9th June 1791, married 7th July 1785, James Hay of Laxfirth
    2. Sinclair, baptised 5th June 1766, married David Macdonald
    3. Andrew, baptised 20th December 1768, died young
    4. Barbara, baptised 24th December 1770, married James Moodie
    5. Lewis Francis Cuming, his heir
    6. Mitchell, baptised 24th December 1773
    7. Scott, baptised 28th October 1775, went to America
    8. John, baptised 1st November 1778, died young
    9. Elizabeth, married George Sutherland
  8. LEWIS FRANCIS CUMING UMPHRAY of Reawick, baptised 6th June 1771, died 11th May 1823, married 16th December 1812, Margaret, daughter of Archibald Greig of Happyhansel, Walls, and had issue:
    1. Christina
    2. Andrew, his heir
    3. Eliza Cuming Greig, born 26th April 1816, died 15th May 1847, married Robert Bannatyne of the Fisheries, and had issue: Ninian, Lewis, Gillies, and Mary Jane, married Rev. Angus McIvor, of Uig
    4. Margaret, born 8th September 1819, married Rev. Alexander Gordon, LL. D. and had issue: Margaret, Catherine Ponsonby, Lizzie, Mary Jane, James, M.B.
    After her husband's death Mrs. Umphray married James Garriock, merchant, Reawick (see GREIG of SANDSOUND chapter, VI)
  9. ANDREW UMPHRAY, now of Reawick, born 22nd March 1815, has added considerably to the family estate, his total lands extending to an acreage of 3896. He married, 30th April 1840, Anne Eliza, daughter of William Hay of Laxfirth, and has issue:
    1. Margaret, married 1868, Rev. William McWilliam
    2. Christina, married 1860, Rev. Charles Hobson, Lerwick
    3. Louisa Ann, married 1874, Charles Merrylees
    4. Andrew
    5. William Hay
    6. George Hay
    7. Mary Charlotte Elizabeth of Sandsound
    8. Louie Francisca Mary, married 30th September 1891, Dr. Josephus Lockhart Downes, Scalloway
    9. Barbara Hay, dead
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