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  1. WILLIAM TARREL of Laxvoe, son of Laurence Tarrel of Voe, disponed lands in Lunnasting, to Thomas Gifford, of Busta, in 1709, died 1714, having married Barbara, daughter of James Duncan, and had issue:
    1. Hugh, his heir
    2. Laurence
    3. Henry
    4. James
    5. William
    6. Janet, married Laurence Gifford, fiar of Weathersta
    7. Katherine, married Gilbert Sinclair, of Swining
    8. Christina, married Andrew Murray
    9. Margaret
  2. HUGH TARREL, of Laxvoe, died 1732, married (first) Mary, daughter of Henry Sinclair, of Swining, and had issue:
    1. Henry
    2. Elizabeth, married Charles Johnstone
    He married (second) Elizabeth, daughter of Simon Rosencranse and (third) Joan, daughter of James Sinclair, of Bullister, and had issue:
    1. Laurence, his heir
    2. William
    3. Charles
    4. Andrew
    5. John
    6. Hugh
    7. Barbara, married Robert Hewason
    8. Lilias, married James Sharp
    9. Martha
    10. Janet
  3. LAURENCE TARREL, of Laxvoe, disponed to Elizabeth Neven, his spouse, and William, his eldest son, his lands in 1765, died 18th January 1771, and had issue:
    1. William, who sold part of his lands to Lunna, in 1765
    2. Hugh, his heir
    3. Thomas
    4. James
    5. Margaret, married James Clark
    6. Martha
  4. HUGH TARREL, of Laxvoe, died 1819, married Barbara, daughter of Robert Turnbull, and had issue:
    1. Laurence
    2. Robert
    3. Hugh
    4. Barbara, married William Anderson
    5. Katherine
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