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There were two brothers of the name of Hay who settled at the same time in Shetland, John and Thomas. John was ordained minister of Unst, 5th May 1720, and died 3rd January 1734, having married Grizel, daughter of Robert Bruce of Chalester, and had issue a son William. Thomas was ordained minister of Mid and South Yell on 14th March 1717, and died 28th January 1745, having married (first) Prudence McDougal, relict of Gilbert Sinclair of Swining, who died 26th June 1730, aged 45; and (second) 9th February 1731, Margaret, daughter of Rev. George Spence, minister in Orkney. Thomas and William Hay, their nephews, came from Kilsyth and settled, Thomas with his uncle in Unst, William with his uncle in Yell. Thomas Hay married Martha Sinclair, and had issue:

  1. Margaret, married Magnus Fea
  2. Janet, who married Gilbert Spence of Greenfield
  3. Cecilia, died unmarried
  1. WILLIAM HAY, merchant in Yell, son of James Hay of Nether Inch, near Kilsyth, and Janet Smith, his spouse, was born at Nether Inch 12th July 1723, and died at West Sandwick, 26th July 1804, having married 7th April 1748, Margaret, daughter of Charles Neven of Windhouse, and had issue:
    1. Margaret, born 26th March 1749, died 26th October 1749
    2. James, See No. II
    3. Janet, born 8th January 1753, died 17th March 1761
    4. Margaret Anne, born 3rd July 1754, died at Holy Island, 19th April 1772
    5. Barbara, born 19th July 1756, died 13th February 1799
    6. Charles, born 3rd June 1759, died at Prince of Wales Island, East Indies, in March 1803; married and had issue:
      1. Katherine, married John Wood, clerk in the Lord Chamberlain's Pay Office, and had Arthur, born 14th August 1821, Barrister 1855, married Elizabeth, daughter of David Nicolson, Lerwick
      2. married Mr. Smith
      3. Richard, who had a daughter Louisa
    7. Clementina, born 8th February 1761, died at Papa, 15th October 1773
    8. Janet, born 5th December 1763, died 1832, married 8th December 1782, Laurence Smith, of Marrister
    9. Grizel, born 22nd July 1766, died at Lerwick, 16th November 1820
  2. JAMES HAY of Laxfirth, born 6th November 1750, died at Laxfirth, 4th March 1831, having married 7th July 1785, Anne, daughter of Andrew Umphray of Reawick, and had issue:
    1. Mary, born 1st July 1786, married 5th August 1810, Arthur Gifford of Busta
    2. William, his heir
    3. Andrew, born 1st March 1789, died at Lerwick, married Mary, daughter of David Nicolson
    4. Elizabeth, born 14th March 1790, died at Burra, 20th April 1790
    5. James, born 15th May 1791, died at New York, U.S.A., married Rebecca Handford, and had issue:
      1. Janet, married John T Lord
      2. Thomas
      3. Mary, married Duncan Robertson
      4. Anne
  3. WILLIAM HAY of Hayfield [1st of Hayfield], merchant and banker, Lerwick, born 8th October 1787, built the Docks at Freefield, did much for the prosecution of the fisheries, improvement of agriculture and construction of roads throughout the county, died at Lerwick, 28th May 1858, having married (first) 2nd February 1811, Margaret, youngest daughter of Charles Ogilvy of Seafield, and had issue:
    1. James, born 17th December 1811, died at Edinburgh, 8th June 1834
    2. Charles William, born 5th March 1813, died in infancy
    3. Barbara, born 17th June 1814, married 7th May 1840, Henry Cheyne of Tangwick, W.S.
    4. Charles, (see No. IV)
    5. William, (twin), born 30th July 1815, died at Calcutta, 19th February 1854
    6. Andrew, born 21st May 1818, J.P. and Sheriff of Bombay, died at London 7th May 1892, married (first) at Calcutta, 2nd March 1843, Elizabeth, daughter of Reynolds, Bengal Medical Service, and had issue:
      1. Margaret Elizabeth, born 22nd November 1844, died 31st October 1850
      2. Emily Jane, born 15th September 1847, died 22nd December 1847
      3. Norman William Bethune, born 13th June 1851, died 14th March 1857
      He married (second) 2nd February 1871, Isabella Douglas, eldest daughter of W. G. Jolly, Catter House, Dumbartonshire
    7. Anne Eliza, born 14th August 1819, married 30th April 1840, Andrew Umphray of Reawick
    8. Janet, born 3rd December 1821, died 1823
    9. Laurence Smith, born 4th July 1823, died 1828
    10. John Ogilvy, born 7th August 1824, a Chevalier of the order of the Danebrog of Denmark, a J.P. and Honorary Magistrate of Akyab Arakau, Consul General for Denmark at Akyab, author of “Indo Burmah China Railway Connections”, &c., married 18th July 1865, Maria, second daughter of Archibald Simson of Comedpore, Bengal; died at Brighton, 5th January 1893
    11. Arthur Gifford, born 26th August 1826, died in infancy
    12. George Husband Baird of Hayfield, born 16th August 1828, J.P., Deputy Lieutenant and Convenor of the County, died 13th November 1890; married 3rd June 1859, Ursilla Katherine, daughter of William Bruce of Symbister, and widow of James Linning Woodman, W.S.
    13. Mary Charlotte, born 9th August 1831, married 16th November 1855, David Hector, advocate, Sheriff of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, &c.
    14. Thomas Laurence, born 1st June 1833, died at Hankow, China, 9th August 1863
    15. Arthur James, now of Hayfield, born 5th August 1835, Chamberlain for the Lordship of Zetland, married 21st August 1861, Charlotte Emily, eldest daughter of George Williamson, Hampton Lodge, Manchester, and has issue Margaret Elizabeth, born September 1861
    William Hay, married (second) Margaret, daughter of Peter Scott, Glasgow, and widow of Alexander Hunter, and had issue:
    1. Margaret, born 17th October 1841, died December 1871, married 12th November 1861, Henry Burrows of Doe Park, Liverpool, and had issue
    He married (third) Isabella, daughter of Rev. Andrew Robertson, minister of Inverkeithing
  4. CHARLES HAY, born at Lerwick 29th July 1815, died at Southsea, 29th January 1892, having married (first) Jessie, daughter of John Bruce of Brucefield, Jamaica, and had issue:
    1. William, born 17th August 1840, died at Pietermaritzburg, Natal, 6th June 1881
    2. John Bruce, born 12th October 1841, Ensign H.E.I.C.S., died at Goruckpore, Bengal, 6th April 1859
    3. Charles (See No. V)
    4. Alexander Cunningham, Merchant, Lerwick, and J.P. for Zetland, born 30th March 1845
    5. James, born 28th January 1847, married 28th September 1886, Elizabeth Mary, daughter of William Smart, and has issue:
      1. Winifred Mary Elizabeth, born 27th August 1887
      2. Constance Margaret, born 9th November 1888
    6. Henry, born 31st May 1849, served in 100th and 17th Regiments, joined Indian staff, with 1st Bombay Lancers, in Burma Campaign, 1887, married Louisa, daughter of William Millar, South Heath, Hampstead, and has issue:
      1. Charles Ogilvy, born 18th October 1881
      2. Henry Cunningham, born 15th August 1886
      3. Andrew, born March 1891
    7. Robert, born 6th January 1853, died at Lamar, Missouri, 1886
    8. Edward, born 26th April 1855, married Maude, daughter of Oxley, Toronto, Canada, and has issue:
      1. Ethel, born 1879
      2. Janet, born 1880
    9. Janet, born 28th February 1851, married Charles Stevenson, and has issue:
      1. Jessie Bruce, born 14th October 1885
      2. Mary Hay, born 3rd September 1887
    10. Margaret, born 21st June 1856, married 6th June 1889, Lieut.-Colonel Andrew McCrae Bruce, 4th Punjaub Infantry
    He married (second) Anne Helen, eldest daughter of Rev. Zachary Macaulay Hamilton, minister of Bressay
  5. CHARLES HAY, Colonel late Bombay Staff Corps, now Warden of Christ's Hospital, London, born 7th May 1843, married Sydney, daughter of William Westwood Chagey, and has issue
    1. Norman Westwood
    2. Bruce
    3. Arthur
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