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  1. WILLIAM HENDERSON, fiar of Ollaberry, second son of Gilbert Henderson, first of Midgarth, was born in 1705, and died 1764. He married Christian, daughter of Captain John Murray, niece of Lady Mitchell of Westshore, and widow of Andrew Gifford of Ollaberry, and had issue:
    1. Gilbert, his heir
    2. William, (see Springfield family)
    3. Francis, killed at siege of Havannah in 1762, unmarried
    4. Alexander, married 29th January 1781, Mary, daughter of Robert Umphray of the Raewick family, and had issue:
      1. William, born 1783; and
      2. Gilbert, born 1786, who settled at Frampton, Canada
  2. GILBERT HENDERSON purchased the lands of Bardister in Northmavine. He married Anne, daughter of Gilbert Gifford of Urafirth, and had issue:
    1. William, who succeeded him but died unmarried
    2. Christian
    3. Katherine
    4. Gilbert, aftermentioned
    5. Anne
    6. John, merchant, Liverpool, married 1st September 1793, Mary, daughter of Andrew Bolt of Berry, merchant in Lerwick, and had issue:
      1. John, barrister in London, died unmarried
      2. Andrew, civil engineer, married Emily, daughter of A. Adolphus, barrister, died without issue
      3. Mary, married Mr. Lamb
      4. Eliza, born 1800, unmarried
    7. Andrina, married 10th April 1796, William Henderson of Pettister
    8. Charlotte, married 6th November 1808, Magnus Hoseason, schoolmaster, Fetlar
  3. GILBERT HENDERSON of Bardister, merchant, Liverpool, succeeded his brother and died 4th December 1841. He married 29th September 1796, Jane, daughter of James Cheyne of Tangwick, and had issue:
    1. Gilbert, his heir
    2. Robert Sellar, shipowner and chairman of the Dock Board, Liverpool, died unmarried
    3. Arthur, died unmarried
    4. Ann, married Mr. Philips, R.N., and had issue: Gilbert Henderson, clergyman of Church of England; George and Caroline
    5. Isabella, married Shaw, and had two daughters
  4. GILBERT HENDERSON of Bardister, Recorder of Liverpool, married Miss Frances Penny, but died without issue
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