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  1. REV. JAMES BARCLAY, a native of Clatt, in Aberdeenshire, born 1745, was ordained assistant and successor to the Rev. William Archbald, minister of Unst, 11th October 1775, and died 24th December 1793. He married 16th November 1775, Ursula, daughter of the said William Archbald ; she was born 26th March 1750, and died 28th January 1832, and had issue:
    1. Mary, born 25th October 1776, died 9th February 1859, married 18th September 1803, Rev. James Ingram, minister of Unst, and had issue.
    2. John (See No. II).
    3. Christina, born 11th August 1780, died 25th December 1785.
    4. William, born 26th January 1783, captain of a West Indiaman, commander of a letter of marque during French war, fought and defeated a French frigate in Bay of Biscay , married Mary Goodsir, and had issue.
      1. James, captain in merchant service, married and had issue: James Edward, artist, married his cousin Mary Caroline Barclay, and had issue: Grizel, Frederick.
      2. Ursula
      3. Mary Ann
      4. Agnes
    5. Alexander, born 18th January 1785, died 27th March 1786.
    6. Archibald, born 10th November 1786, was educated for the ministry and licensed, but afterwards studied medicine in Edinburgh, went to London and joined Dr Lindsay in Bow Academy. Was editor of the “Star” newspaper and Secretary to Hudson's Bay Company, LL.D, Aberdeen University. He married the daughter of Dr. Lindsay, but had no issue.
    7. Spence, born 23rd December 1787, Purser R.N., died at Portsmouth, a young man.
    8. James, born 3rd February 1790, captain of a West Indiaman, married Sarah Fawcett, and had issue: Ursula.
    9. Thomas, born 14th June 1792, licensed 27th June 1821, ordained minister of Dunrossness, 12th September 1822, translated to Lerwick, 13th December 1827, to Peterculter, 14th September 1843, to Currie, 11th July 1844, had degree of D.D. conferred on him by University of Aberdeen, 10th February 1849, was appointed principal of the University of Glasgow, 13th February 1858, and died 23rd February 1873. He married 21st September 1820, Mary, daughter of Captain Charles Adamson, and had issue:
      1. Archibald, born 23rd October 1821, drowned in China.
      2. Elizabeth Mitchell, born 8th July 1823, died 1st April 1901, married 7th October 1851, William Arthur Peterkin, general superintendent Board of Supervision, son of Alexander Peterkin, Sheriff-Substitute of Orkney. He died 22nd June 1906, aged 83, and had issue:
        1. Edith
        2. Alfred, Colonel Royal Army Medical Corps, married Isabella Miriam, daughter of Rev. Thomas Kirkwood, minister of Dunbarney, and widow of Captain Melliss.
        3. Edward, solicitor, Resident Magistrate, Ficksburg, Orange River Colony, married Helen Madeline Usher.
        4. William Arthur, married Ann Maria Baker.
        5. Gertrude Barclay, married 15th September 1891, James Currie, F.R.S.E., shipowner, Leith.
        6. Evelyn Hope.
        7. Caroline Bruce, died 26th December 1869.
        8. Louise Kenmure Maitland, married 3rd October 1895, David William Marwick, LL.B., W.S., son of Sir James Marwick, Town Clerk of Glasgow.
        9. Thomas Barclay, manager of the Mercantile Bank of India, Penang, married 27th July 1906, Effie Gertrude, daughter of Captain Pitt Taylor, Seaforth Highlanders.
      3. Charles Frederick, born 31st December 1825, married twice and had issue.
      4. John, born 17th May 1827, married and had two daughters.
      5. Ursula Euphemia, born 5th April 1829, died young.
      6. Bruce, M.D., born 14th February 1833, died unmarried.
      7. Jean Adamson, born 31st October 1834, died unmarried.
      8. Mary Caroline, born 7th July 1836, married.
      9. Thomas, born March 1841, died unmarried.
  2. JOHN BARCLAY, born 11th July 1778, surgeon in Unst, died 10th February 1841, married 3rd February 1803, Andrina Charlotte, daughter of William Spence of Gardie, and had issue:
    1. James (See No. III).
    2. William Spence, born 6th May 1805, died in West Indies.
    3. Agnes, born 18th April 1806, died unmarried.
    4. Forbes, M.D., born 25th December 1807, died in Oregon, 13th May 1873, married Maria , and had issue:
      1. Peter, grain merchant, Portland,
      2. Charles
      3. Harriet
      4. Andrina
    5. Ursilla, born 8th April 1811, died 1885, unmarried.
    6. Mary Grace, born 5th July 1813, died at Edinburgh, unmarried, 23rd October 1892.
    7. John Thomas, born 3rd July 1816, shipmaster, died at sea.
    8. Charlotte, born 21st September 1818, died at Mid Yell, 30th September 1904, unmarried.
  3. Rev. JAMES BARCLAY, born 16th December 1803, ordained minister of Mid and South Yell, 26th April 1844, and died 29th September 1885. He married 21st October 1839, Ann Jane, daughter of Captain James Nicolson of Aith, and had issue:
    1. John Forbes, born 31st August 1840, died 1854.
    2. Ann Catherine, born 10th April 1842, died 1854.
    3. James Nicolson (See No. IV.)
    4. Charles John Thomas, born 12th May 1845, went to Australia.
    5. Arthur Robert, born 13th April 1847 went to Australia, married Barbara, daughter of Andrew Smith of Smithfield, Fetlar, and had issue: James, Charlotte, Ann Jane, Elizabeth, and Robina.
    6. Mary Isabella, born 20th June 1849, married George Houston, Mid Yell.
    7. William David, born 13th June 1851, died in infancy.
    8. Frederick Dundas, born 21st February 1853, went to Australia.
  4. JAMES NICOLSON BARCLAY of Gardiesting, Mid Yell, born 17th August 1843, married 6th August 1889, Grace, second daughter of John Budge of Seafield, and had issue:
    1. James Nicolson , born 29th August 1890.
    2. Sinclair Margaret Henderson, born 11th September 1891.
    3. John Robert Budge, born 27th July 1894.
    4. Ann Jane Mary, born 26th June 1897.
    5. Henry St Clair Pearson, born 21st July 1899, died 29th April 1900.
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