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  1. JOHN ADIE, surgeon in the Royal Navy, son of James Adie of Adie-field and great grandson of David Home of Kello, settled in Shetland in 1807, He married in India, Mary Ann, daughter of Marmaduke Weatherall of Whitby, Yorkshire, and had issue:
    1. Amelia Mary Ann, born at Kensington, 8th September 1803, and died March 1830, unmarried.
    2. Janetta Harriet, born at Lerwick, 5th January 1808, died 21st December 1837, married Robert Hicks, chemist, Lerwick, and had issue:
      1. John, went to Australia, and
      2. Emily Mary Ann, born 5th March 1837, married 15th December 1862, Rev. John T. Duncan.
    3. James Mitchell, born at Lerwick, 29th June 1809, served for some time in the Royal Navy, but resigning his commission he emigrated to Canada, where he devoted himself to farming, and died 7th May 1895. He married Elizabeth Barbara, daughter of Gilbert Henderson of Springfield, and had issue:
      1. Margaret, married James Dewar, Guelph, and had issue: Minnie, Amelia, Ann, Thomas Mountford, married and had issue.
    4. Thomas Hutchison Baker, born at Walls, 7th August 1811, died in infancy.
    5. Eliza Scott, born at Walls, 12th May 1813, married (first) Ninian Stuart, and (second) Robert Mackay, and had issue.
    6. Thomas Mountford (See No. II).
    7. Margaret, born at Walls, 1st May 1817, died unmarried.
    8. William, born 13th June 1818.
    9. Jean, born at Walls, 4th July 1819, died 1900, unmarried.
    10. George Ann Fenton, born at Walls, 12th December 1821, married Andrew Tulloch and had issue.
    11. Arthur Gifford, born at Voe, 24th January 1828, died s.p.
    12. Robina Hunter, born at Voe, 3rd June 1832, married (first) Rev. Peter Barron, Dunning, Perthshire, and (second) George Oman, St Andrews, and had issue by first marriage Rev. Douglas Barron, minister of Dunnottar, and Mary Ann Westile.
  2. THOMAS MOUNTFORD ADIE, merchant, Voe, born at Walls, 9th June 1815, died 5th February 1884, married 19th June 1834, Wilhelmina, daughter of William Jamieson, fishery officer; Lerwick. She was born 18th November 1814, and died, 29th January 1890, and had issue:
    1. Amelia Mary Ann Barbara, born 15th March and died 8th December 1836.
    2. John Westile, born 1st May 1837, went to Australia and afterwards to Buenos Ayres, where he died 2nd October 1904. He married Mary Fowler, of Melbourne. She was born 9th September , 1840, and died 26th October 1874, and had issue
      1. Thomas Mountford, born 4th October 1857.
      2. Mary Susannah, born 15th August 1859, married William Nayler, Buenos Ayres, and has issue: John Westile, William Brook, Alfred, Godfrey and (twins).
    3. William Jamieson (See No. III).
    4. Ann Innes, born 8th July 1841, married 24th August 1865, Rev. William Rose, Minister of Sandsting, and has issue
      1. James, Writer to the Signet, born 9th June 1866.
      2. Williamina Adie
      3. Thomas Mountford Adie, born 6th March 1869.
      4. William John, born 21st February 1873.
      5. Norman Macleod, born 6th November 1877.
      6. Alfred Ernest, born 17th January 1882.
    5. Henrietta Harriet Hicks, born 14th March 1843, married 22nd September 1864, William Pole of Mossbank, and had issue.
    6. Thomas Mountford, born 14th November 1847, married 15th October 1873, Isabella, daughter of George Hood, of Guelph, Canada, and has issue:
      1. Thomas Mountford, born. 15th June 1874, married, and has two daughters.
      2. George Hood (twin), born 15th June 1874.
      3. Arthur James, born 17th April 1876.
      4. Wilfred Wallace, born 21st March 1878, died at Richebucto, New Brunswick, 1st October 1897.
      5. Anna Just Bruce, born 2nd August 1879, died March 1893.
      6. Wilhelmina Jamieson, born 24th November 1880,
      7. Edith Maude, born 15th July 1884.
      8. Alfred Albert Victor, born 9th May 1886, died 20th February 1888.
      9. Florence Innes, born 21st August 1892.
    7. James Arthur, born 28th August 1849, died 30th May 1875, married 16th July 1872, Martha Jane, daughter of James Grey of Kalemouth, Roxburghshire, and had issue:
      1. Maria Millicent Thornton, born 8th April 1873, married 14th June 1902, William Graham Chalmers, agent of the National Bank of Scotland, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh.
    8. Wilhelmina, born 7th April 1851, died 25th December 1886, married 21st August 1878, Peter White, L.R.C.S., Edinburgh, and had issue: Mountford and Wilhelmina.
    9. Barbara Isabella, born 5th April 1853, died 11th December 1893.
    10. Neil Jamieson, born 12th March 1855, married Annie, daughter of George Hood of Guelph, and has issue:Alfred Albert, born 1st June 1878.
    11. Eliza Jean Robina, born 18th March 1857, died 12th January 1876.
    12. Alfred Albert, F.R.C.S., born 27th June 1859, died 12th June 1892.
  3. WILLIAM JAMIESON ADIE, of Voe, born 2nd April 1839, died at Voe, 1st June 1903, married 21st July 1870, Margaret Douglas, daughter of James Grey of Kalemouth, Roxburghshire,. and had issue:
    1. Maria Isabella Cooke, born 17th May 1871.
    2. Wilhelmina Jamieson, born 21st April 1872, married 23rd June 1902, Thomas Barnby Whitson, C.A., Edinburgh, and has issue:
      1. Harry Hector Adie, born 7th April 1903
      2. William Thomas Malcolm, born 3rd September 1904
    3. Margaret Douglas Grey, born 13th November 1873, married 10th August 1901, Dr. Arthur Craigie McVittie, Rugely, Staffordshire, and has issue:
      1. Margaret Adie, born 15th December 1903.
      2. William Mountford, born 25th July 1905.
    4. James Arthur (See No. IV).
    5. Mountford Westile Jamieson, born 28th June 1877, died 6th June 1903.
    6. Matilda Annabella, born 7th January 1879, married 10th August 1901, Zachary Macaulay Hamilton, and has issue.
    7. William Jamieson, born 28th October 1880.
    8. Eliza Beatrice, born 17th September 1882.
    9. Stephanie Grey, born 14th April 1885.
    10. Douglas Cooke Grey, born 9th October 1888.
    11. Edward Percival, born 9th September 1890.
  4. JAMES ARTHUR ADIE, born 19th September 1875.
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