Initial consultation

(by email): free


This is a flat rate of £18 per hour, regardless of which sources are used.
Note that tracing living descendants tends to be more time-consuming than tracing ancestors.
Probate searches can be very time-intensive.
This includes transcripts of all relevant entries found.
You can choose between having just the bare transcripts, or having a report written with trees, etc.
But the time spent writing the report will also be £18 per hour.

Other services

If you want photocopies of the records, rather than just transcripts, that will be whatever it costs me to get them.
English certificates are more expensive, take longer to come and are less informative than Scottish ones.
Payment by UK cheque or PayPal is preferred.
For payment by foreign (non-UK) cheque: £10 extra (for each payment)
For payment by foreign (non-UK) banknotes: £5 extra (for each payment)

There are many websites which give currency conversions. One of many can be found here. However, there is no guarantee that your own bank will use the same rate, and it will charge you extra for a UK cheque.


Please email me for a consultation BEFORE sending any money.

My address is: 3/6 Langton Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3BP

You can pay me via the PayPal button on the Expert Genealogy website

Payment in advance

The reason why I ask for payment in advance is because genealogy tends to mount up. If you just asked me to find all the records of your ancestors without setting a limit, I could go on for weeks and send you a huge bill that you would not want to pay. That is why I ask you to decide in advance how many hours you want to pay for. It is unlikely that I would find the whole of your family in a few hours searching, but you would have a good bit more than you had before.


If the ancestors run out before the money does, refunds will be provided.
(Note that this hardly ever happens - the money usually runs out long before the ancestors do).
£10 will be deducted if you want it by International Money Order.
Otherwise, they will be paid in full by UK Sterling cheque.
Alternatively, I might be able to put you in touch with an incoming customer in the same country, and you can come to some arrangement between you, to save on foreign exchange.


Genealogy is very addictive, and after receiving the first installments, you will be likely to want some more. (Most people do want more. Being able to afford more is a different matter). Now that I use PayPal, there is nothing to stop you from having the work done in several small installments. There is no longer any need to guess in advance how many hours you will want in order to save on bank charges. How about having your first installment NOW ?

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