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Anonymous works

  • Roll of Battle Abbey
  • Brut Y Tywysogion; the chronicle of the Welsh princes
  • The Proceedings of Chancery in the Reign of Elizabeth
  • Chevy Chase
  • Report of the Historical MSS. Commission
  • Abridgement;Cotton
  • Rotulus in Curia Scaccarii (Roll of the Court of the Exchequer)
  • Inquisitiones ad Quod Damnum (Inq. ad Q. D,). Inquisitions as to What Loss
  • Calendar of Inquisitions after Death
  • The Domesday Book
  • Chronicle of Dunstable MSS., 1277
  • Genealogia historia Eudonis Majoris domus regiae in Angliae regno Genealogia et Historia Eudonis Majoris Domus regiae in Angliae Regno
  • Rotuli Hundredorum temp. Hen. III & Edw. I in Turr' Lond' et in Curia receptæ scaccarij Westm. asservati (The Hundred Rolls), 1812
  • The Exchequer of the Jews (Latin: Scaccarium Judaeorum)
  • Joreval was the name of Jervaulx Abbey (North Yorkshire) in medieval times.
  • Rotuli Litterarum Clausarum, in Turri Londoniensi
  • Magna Britannia;edited by Cox and others
  • Magnum Rotulum Scaccarii (Great roll of the exchequer)
  • Chronica Regum Manniae et Insularum; (The Chronicle of the Kings of Man and the Islands), 1784
  • Chronica de Mailros (Chronicle of Melrose), 735-1270. founded solely upon the Cottonian Manuscript,
  • Testa de Nevill, or Book of Fees (Liber Feodorum) in Curia Scaccarii...Temp. Henry III & Edward I which means: Nevill's Evidence or "Book of Fee Holders" for the Office of the Exchequer ... in the Time of Henry III and Edward I
  • Liber Niger scaccarii;the Black Book of the royal exchequer
  • Black Book of Paisley
  • Great Roll of the Pipe The Pipe rolls, sometimes called the Great rolls The earliest date from the 12th century,
  • Textus Roffensis The Textus de Ecclesia Roffensi per Ernulphum episcopum (The Book of the Church of Rochester through Bishop Ernulf),
  • Patent Rolls of the Tower of London
  • Rolls of the Court of the Treasury
  • Valor Ecclesiasticus (Latin: "church valuation"), 1535
  • Annals of Waverley Abbey (Annales Waverleienses) 13th Century
  • X. Scriptores Decem Scriptores Historiae Anglicanae, printed by Twysden, 1652
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