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The estate of Thura is in the parish of Bower.

WILLIAM TAYLOR, merchant in Thurso, who, about the middle of the seventeenth century, led apprisings against the estate of Assery, had a son, John, who was a joiner in Thurso. John got an assignation to his father's apprisings in Assery. He had two sons: -

  1. Daniel
  2. George
I. DANIEL TAYLOR, merchant in Thurso, was infeft in the Assery apprisings, and in 1754 he purchased Thura from John Sinclair, last of Thura, and disponed it in 1759 to his brother, George.

II. GEORGE TAYLOR OF THURA married Euphemia, daughter of William Honyman of Graemsay, and had two sons and a daughter: -

  1. John, his successor
  2. William, who died in the West Indies.
  1. Jane, who married Lieutenant McBeath
III. JOHN TAYLOR OF THURA was served heir to his father in 1790, and was captain in one of the Caithness Fencible battalions. In 1801 he sold Thura to William Sinclair of Freswick, and settled in Ireland. He left three children, who, in 1868, resided in Dublin. They were: -
  1. George
  2. Arthur
  1. Jane
A Mr. Taylor of Phibsboro House, Dublin, who died lately at an advanced age, was a natural son of Captain John Taylor, last of Thura. He was in early life a schoolmaster in the county; and for many years he had been in the habit of sending communications to the local papers. In 1868 a notice appeared from Captain Taylor's family denying Mr. Taylor's pretensions to be considered "the last of the Taylors of Thura",--and asserting themselves to be "the only legal representatives of his name".

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