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The estate of Risgill or Swinzie is in the parish of Latheron.

On the death of James Sutherland of Langwell, in 1708, his second daughter, Anne, succeeded to the estate Risgill. In 1717 she married Alexander Sinclair of Swinzie.

Swinzie, now called Lochend, a property which he got from his father, George Sinclair of Barrock, he being the eldest son of Barrock's second marriage to Elizabeth, daughter of David Murray of Clairden. After Anne Sutherland's marriage, the estate of Risgill was called Swinzie, and the family took the name of Sutherland, or Sinclair Sutherland. Alexander Sutherland died in 1738, leaving a son, James.

II. JAMES SUTHERLAND OF SWINZIE is mentioned as being a "very facetious, entertaining man, who loved to pass his jokes". In 1739 his mother disponed the estate to him, and in 1743 he married his cousin-german, Jean, daughter of John Sinclair of Durran. She was known as "Lady Swinzie", and resided during the latter part of her life in Thurso, where she died, a very old woman, in 1819. James Sutherland built the present house of Swiney about 1750

James Sutherland had a son and three daughters: -

  1. John
  1. Anne, who married Captain Patrick Sinclair of Durran, R. N.
  2. Janet
  3. Elizabeth, who married Benjamin Henderson, tacksman of Clyth. The late Dr. James Henderson, Clyth, and several other sons and daughters, were the issue of this marriage. Mrs. Henderson and one of her sons perished by shipwreck in Wick Bay
III. JOHN SUTHERLAND OF SWINZIE was served heir to his father in 1777; he married Margaret, daughter of Donald Williamson of Banniskirk, and died without issue in 1789.

IV. PATRICK SINCLAIR SUTHERLAND OF SWINZIE was eldest son of Captain Patrick Sinclair of Durran, and was served heir to his uncle in 1789. In the same year Swinzie, Risgill, and Munsary were sold for 5500 to Lieutenant John Gordon, Sutherlandshire, who was the first of the Gordons of Swinzie.

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