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The estate of Kirk is in the parish of Bower.
The estate of Myrelandhorn is in the parish of Wick.
In 2002 Myrelandhorn was owned by the descendants of the Dunbar family

I. In 1592 Henry Sinclair in Canisbay got a charter from the Earl of Caithness of part of Kirk and Myrelandhorn. In 1582 there is mention in the Earl of Caithness' testament of Henry Sinclair, his servitor, who may have been the Henry Sinclair of 1592. Henry Sinclair of Kirk had two sons: -

  1. James
  2. David in Olrig
II. James Sinclair got a charter from his father in 1627, and was succeeded by his brother, David.

III. David Sinclair, only lawful brother, got a precept of clare constat in 1667, and was succeeded by his son, John.

IV. John Sinclair got a disposition from his father in 1669, and a charter of novo-damus from the Bishop in 1680. John Sinclair was "servitor to Sir William Sharp, Keeper of the Signet", and he seems afterwards to have been a merchant in Edinburgh.

In 1643 William Sinclair, elder, merchant in Thurso, got a wadset from James Sinclair, and had a son, Thomas, who again had a son, William, They adjudged Kirk and Myreland, and in 1680 William Sinclair disponed these lands to John Sinclair, who sold them to John Sinclair of Barrock. Nisbet mentions the arms of "Thomas Sinclair, lawful son to William Sinclair, merchant in Thurso, of the family of Caithness", These may have been the same Sinclairs who apprised Kirk and Myreland, and who may have been connected with the Sinclairs descended from Henry Sinclair in Canisbay, who got the lands from the Earl of Caithness.

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