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In the Matriculation Records of King's College, Aberdeen, there is an entry of "Alexander Brodie, Moraviensis", in 1677, which it is supposed refers to the Reverend ALEXANDER BRODIE, who was licensed by the Presbytery of Abernethy in 1711, called, and ordained as minister of Kildonan 18th September 1712, and translated to Reay in 1723, where he died in 1730, leaving a son, James.

II. The Reverend JAMES BRODIE was licensed by the Presbytery of Aberdeen, and was settled as minister of Latheron in May 1734. He died at Aberdeen in 1775, in the sixty-seventh year of his age.

In 1735 he married Anne, daughter of James Murray of Clairden and his third wife, Margaret, daughter of George Sinclair of Barrock. She died in 1766. They had six sons and a daughter: -

  1. Samuel, born 1736, and died young
  2. Alexander, born 1737
  3. Patrick, born 1743
  4. James, born 1745, and died young
  5. George, born 1747, and died young
  6. Richard, born 1752
  1. Margaret, born 1739
III. ALEXANDER BRODIE, the eldest surviving son, was minister of Carnbee, in Fife, and married Helen Pitcairn, daughter of the Reverend Joseph Pitcairn, Carnbee. He died in 1804, having had four sons and three daughters: -
  1. James, Brigadier-General and Colonel in the East India Company's Service, Madras, and Commander of the Bath, who was born in 1782, and died in 1831. He married Eliza Thompson, and had two sons: James, who died in 1849, unmarried, and Alexander Oswald, sometime of the Ceylon Civil Service, who married Jessie Anne Spottiswoode, daughter of Colonel Spottiswoode, and died at Edinburgh 6th November 1874, leaving issue
  2. Joseph, a merchant in Hamburg, who married Maria Thomson, and died in 1825, leaving issue. 3. Alexander Oswald, a merchant in .America, who married Eustachia Griffiths, and died in Scotland in 1856, without issue
  3. Edward, who died without issue
  1. Janet, who married Duncan Cowan, Edinburgh, and left four daughters: (1) Marjory, unmarried. (2) Janet, who married General Charles Wahab, H.E.I.C.S., and has issue. (3) Helen, who married Henry Madden, M. D., and left issue. (4) Charlotte, who married James Cowan, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, and M.P. for the city
  2. Elizabeth, who died unmarried
  3. Helen, who married Alexander Cowan, Edinburgh, and left issue
IV. PATRICK BRODIE, third son of the Reverend James Brodie, Latheron, married, in 1768, Jean Sinclair (vide Mansons), and had three sons and five daughters: -
  1. David, who purchased Sibster, thereafter named Hopeville, and married Helen, daughter of James Sinclair of Harpsdale, and his third wife, Katharine, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Lybster. He died in 1847, aged 75. He had five sons and five daughters
  2. James, who died young
  3. Alexander, who married Flora, daughter of Bailie Kenneth Sutherland, Thurso, and had five sons and five daughters. He died in 1859, aged 82
  1. Jean, who married the Reverend George Mackenzie, Olrig, and had issue. She died in 1802, aged 33
  2. Janet, who died young
  3. Margaret, who died unmarried, in 1856, aged 82
  4. Anne, who was born 28th February 1779, and who died in 1813. She was married to William Henderson, Sheriff-Substitute of Caithness, and had seven sons and five daughters
  5. Elizabeth, who married William Manson, writer in Thurso, and died, without issue, in 1832, aged 50
V. DR. RICHARD BRODIE, the youngest son of the Reverend James Brodie, went to the West Indies, where he died.

VI. MARGARET, the only daughter, married John Grant of Latheronwheel, of which he was wadsetter. She died without issue.

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