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The estate of Barrock is in the parish of Dunnet.
In 2002 it was owned by Louise Scott.

I. GEORGE SINCLAIR, FIRST OF BARROCK, was the fourth son of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron, and was grandson of George Sinclair of Mey, From a provision of 6000 merks received from his uncle, Sir John Sinclair of Geanies and Dunbeath, he acquired the lands of Barrock, which he held in wadset from the family of Rattar, and although the wadset was redeemed in 1673 by John Sinclair, then of Rattar, and though the lands now belong to Mr. Traill, the family designation continues to be "Sinclair of Barrock". Between 1681 and 1697 he purchased one-third of Lyth, part of Hastigrow, Fitches, and Sortopt (all of which, except Hastigrow, still form part of the family estate); and in 1698 he acquired from the Mowats the estate of Swinzie, now called Lochend.

George Sinclair was three times married, and died in 1724, aged 90 years.

By his first wife, Anne Dunbar, daughter of John Dunbar of Hempriggs, he had a son and three daughters: -

  1. John, his successor
  1. Jean, who married John Sinclair of Stirkoke
  2. Katharine, who married Charles Sinclair of Bilbster [parish of Watten]
  3. Margaret, who married James Murray of Clairden
By his second wife, Elizabeth Murray, daughter of David Murray of Clairden, and widow of William Innes of Isauld and Sandside, he had three sons and two daughters: -
  1. Alexander Sinclair of Swinzie, which he got from his father
  2. William, who married Sidney, daughter and coheiress of George Manson of Bridgend
  3. David
  1. Elizabeth, who married John Sinclair of Durran
  2. Anne, who died unmarried
His third wife was Elizabeth Cumming, daughter of William Cumming, the last Episcopal minister of Halkirk, and his wife Katharine, daughter of John Murray of Pennyland. By this marriage he had four sons and a daughter: -
  1. James, who died abroad
  2. George
  3. Robert
  4. Benjamin, who was sometime in Duncansbay
  1. Janet, who died unmarried in 1772
None of the sons left issue.

II. JOHN SINCLAIR, eldest son of George, was the second Sinclair of Barrock. Between 1696 and 1737 he purchased the following lands, viz., from the Mansons part of Kirk; also the remainder of Kirk and part of Myrelandhorn and Bowertower; from James Calder the lands of Sibster or Sibsterwick, Thurster, Heshwell, and Quoylee, parts of the Stirkoke estate; and from Sir James Sinclair of Dunbeath, Howe, Myreland, and Quintfal. In 1726 he excambed his part of Kirk, Hastigrow, and Myrelandhorn, with David Sinclair of Dun, for the other two-thirds of Lyth, Bilster, Alterwall, and Crooks of Howe. He died in 1743.

He was twice married, first to Anne, daughter of Robert Sinclair of Durran, and widow of James Sutherland of Langwell. (Contract of Marriage, 25th July 1709) By her he had a son and three daughters: -

  1. Alexander, his successor, who was born in 1706
  1. Jean, who married George Murray of Clairden
  2. Margaret, who married Sir James Sinclair of Mey (Contract of Marriage, 27th November 1735)
  3. Elizabeth
His second wife was his cousin, Janet, daughter of Dame Elizabeth and Sir James Dunbar of Hempriggs. (Contract of Marriage, 31 st December 1737). She afterwards married Harry Innes of Borlum and Sandside. By her John Sinclair had three sons and a daughter: -
  1. George, who was an officer in the army, and who died of a wound in Antigua in 1759, while he was still a minor
  2. James, who died young
  3. John, who succeeded to Sibster, and who married Helen, daughter of George Sinclair of Stirkoke, by whom he had a son, Benjamin. The estate was judicially sold, and John Sinclair and his son left the county
III. ALEXANDER SINCLAIR OF BARROCK married Jean, second daughter of William Sinclair of Freswick, (Contract of Marriage, 29th October 1753) and had three sons and four daughters: -
  1. John, his successor
  2. William, W.S., who died unmarried. He was last substitute in the entail executed by his uncle, John of Freswick
  3. George, bond of provision dated in 1764
  1. Katherine, who died unmarried
  2. Anne, who died unmarried
  3. Margaret, who married Colonel Borthwick, and had no issue
  4. Jean, who married William Charles Reoch (Contract of Marriage, 6th August 1795), and had no issue
IV. JOHN SINCLAIR OF BARROCK married, first, Miss Ann Longmire of Penrith, (Postnuptial Contract of Marriage, 6th and 10th February 1796) and had two sons and five daughters: -
  1. Alexander, who died young
  2. John, his successor
  1. Maria, who died unmarried, 9th March 1876, aged 87
  2. Jane, who married William Sinclair of Freswick
  3. Anne, who married William Smith, minister of Bower, and had issue
  4. Margaret, who married Mr. Paton, and had issue
  5. Elizabeth, who married Allan Robertson, a Lieutenant in the army, afterwards Sheriff-clerk of Caithness, and had issue, a son and several daughters
John Sinclair's second wife was Janet Miller, by whom he had two sons and three daughters: -
  1. William, who died young
  2. Donald, M.D., who died in 1873, and left issue
  1. Isabella, who married the Rev. Peter Jolly, Dunnet, and had two daughters
  2. Jessie, who married Mr. Scarth of Binscarth
  3. Catherine, who married Mr. Sime
V. JOHN SINCLAIR OF BARROCK succeeded his father, and in 1842, on the death of General Sir John Sinclair, he took up the baronetcy of Dunbeath, granted in 1704 to James Sinclair of Dunbeath, nephew of George Sinclair, first of Barrock. In 1821 he married Margaret, daughter of John Learmonth, Esq., Edinburgh. Sir John died 21st April 1873, and was buried at Holyrood. He had three sons and a daughter: -

  1. John, his eldest son, Captain in the 39th Madras Native Infantry, was killed in action, at Jhansi, in the Indian Mutiny, 5th April 1858. He was unmarried
  2. Alexander Young, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Bombay Army, died at Jeypore, Bombay, 3d February 1871. In 1861 he married Margaret Crichton, daughter of James Alston, Esq. He left two sons and a daughter: -
    1. John Rose George, who is a minor, and who has succeeded to the estate and baronetcy
    2. Norman Alexander
    3. Margaret
  3. George, retired Captain in the Bengal Army, married in 1859 Agnes, only daughter of John Learmonth of the Dean, and died 23d March 1871, leaving three sons
  1. Grace Elizabeth, Sir John's only daughter, died young
His three sons were gentlemen of high character and promise, and their death in the prime of life occasioned much general regret.

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