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The estate of Achingale is in the parish of Watten.

I. WILLIAM SINCLAIR, FIRST SINCLAIR OF ACHINGALE AND NEWTON, was the son of Alexander Sinclair of Sixpenny or Sixpennyland. Of what family Alexander Sinclair was is somewhat uncertain. He has been supposed to have been of the Sinclairs of Dun, but it is more probable that he was of the Sinclairs of Assery and Lybster, and that he was a son of William Sinclair of Hoy, whose eldest son was named Alexander, and of whom there is, otherwise, no particular account. Alexander Sinclair married, in 1697, Beatrice, only daughter of George Sinclair, second son of James Sinclair, first of Lybster, and she and her husband, on the supposition that the latter was the son of William of Hoy, stood in the relation of cousins. By this marriage Alexander Sinclair had several sons and daughters, among whom were: -

  1. William, mentioned in 1733, as second son
  2. Francis
  3. Sidney
  1. Margaret, eldest daughter, who married in 1722 Alexander Calder of Achingale

II. WILLIAM SINCLAIR OF ACHINGALE, married in 1738 Elizabeth, daughter of Sir James Sinclair of Dunbeath. Sir James had acquired the right of reversion of the wadsets of Achingale, held by the Calders; and about 1738 or 1740, he had redeemed the lands, which he thereafter sold to William Sinclair, by whom a Crown charter was expede in 1752. William Sinclair had a son and two daughters: -

  1. Alexander
  1. Janet
  2. Margaret

III. ALEXANDER SINCLAIR OF ACHINGALE, who was a merchant in Jamaica, succeeded his father, and was infeft in 1768. He died without issue.

IV. JANET SINCLAIR OF ACHINGALE succeeded her brother, and died unmarried in 1783, and was succeeded by her sister, Margaret.

V. MARGARET SINCLAIR OF ACHINGALE married, in 1798, Alexander Sinclair, a son of Alexander Sinclair, tenant in Houstry, Halkirk, who had heen for some time in Jamaica. In 1804 they sold the lands to William Sinclair of Freswick for 17000. There was no issue of the marriage, and, so far as known, the family of Sinclair of Achingale is extinct.

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